Aluminium groups compete to sell lower-carbon products

Aluminium companies have in recent years launched a raft of aluminium products with lower carbon dioxide emissions, largely by either using hydro power or recycled material.

Primary aluminium emits on average 16.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of metal, according the International Aluminium Institute, based on 2019 data, making it one of the most carbon-intensive segments of the metals industry.

Below are lower-carbon aluminium brands by the major producers.

  1. ALCOA

ECOLUM – Primary aluminium with a total carbon footprint of under 4 tonnes of CO2, including bauxite mining and refining.

ECODURA – Aluminium billet made with minimum of 50% recycled content, lowering energy usage by 95%.


REDUXA – Primary aluminium with carbon content below 4 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of metal, including emissions from bauxite mining and making products such as alloyed metal.

CIRCAL – Recycled metal with a minimum of 75% used aluminium and a footprint of less than 2.3 tonnes of CO2.


RENEWAL – Primary metal with CO2 emissions of 4 tonnes or less of CO2 per tonne of metal.

4. RUSAL (0486.HK)

ALLOW – Primary metal with a footprint of less than 4 tonnes of CO2, based on direct and indirect smelter emissions only.

5. ELYSIS – Joint venture between the two groups to commercialise a new technology by 2024 to produce carbon-free aluminium, using a ceramic anode and emitting only oxygen.

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