A Simple Guide on What to Wear to Church

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Are you planning to attend church service soon and wondering what is the proper attire?

At one time, knowing what to wear to church was simple. Most men wore coats and ties, while women wore dresses or skirts

Today, with the introduction of more casual church services, the “appropriate attire” has followed suit. And it can be tough to determine what’s too casual.

Times Have Definitely Changed

As mentioned above, church once had a pretty specific dress code that nobody really questioned. But as the 1950s gave away to the 1960s and 70s, younger people began challenging the concept of Sunday best.

Middle-aged and elderly congregants still opted for coats and ties and dresses – no matter how hot it was. The younger members, however, began to present a more “business casual” look when attending church. 

By the 1980s and 1990s, tee shirts and jeans were becoming more commonplace. And now, it’s almost become unusual to see ties, coats, and dresses. Shorts and sandals are making regular appearances. There are even tee shirts and hoodies designed with Christian themes you can view if you’re considering sticking with the more casual look for your church visit.

Still, there are those who believe that only one’s Sunday best is appropriate for church. 

What Does “Best” Even Mean?

Many people feel that what you wear to church shouldn’t matter. That if you worship and serve with love in your heart, that’s all that matters. And there’s certainly logic to that.

Yet, others take a stance that people should at least wear something to church that they wouldn’t wear for any other event. This keeps it sacred. After all, if you have to dress a certain way to meet the president or a king, then why should the kingdom of God be any different? 

Generally speaking, if you don’t wear your absolute Sunday best, in most cases you won’t be chided by church-goers for not doing so. There is one thing you’ll want to consider though. 

The Denomination Matters

Before getting too comfortable with casual wear in church, consider the denomination of the church you’ll be attending.

For example, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Catholic churches attempt to keep a more formal dress code and could potentially turn someone away who’s dressed too casually. This includes wearing shorts or a tank-top.

Meanwhile, the Methodist, Episcopal, and Congregational churches actually encourage a relaxed dress code, and getting dressed in your Sunday best may leave you feeling out of place. Another thing to consider is the time of the service. The early morning service may find the pastor in robes, but the 11:00 service has him in khakis. 

Finally, there are regional differences when it comes to getting dressed up for church -with the South holding more strictly to formal traditions than the North. 

Now You Know What to Wear to Church

Unless you’re planning to attend a more formal church somewhere in the South, knowing what to wear to church really comes down to what makes you most comfortable. Within reason, of course.

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