A Simple Guide on How to Work on a Ranch

You’ve always loved working with animals. Growing up, you thought that this was a sign that you should be a vet. That is until you took a few agricultural classes in high school.

Now you know that the correct path for you is to find work on a ranch. Before you can throw your application at various ranches in your area, you’ll need to gather a little experience and learn what it means to work on one.

We can help give you a starting point. Keep reading to learn how to get a job on a ranch and be successful.

Gather Experience

Before you can really start putting in applications, you’ll need to gather some experience. You can do this by working as a ranch hand, working ranch vacations, or by volunteering somewhere. As long as you get a taste of working with animals and using farm equipment, you’ll be well on your way.

Working with Animals

The majority of the work you’ll be doing during your ranch employment involves herding, grooming, and feeding various amounts of animals. Most ranches have cattle and horses but you may end up working with livestock like sheep.

You should also consider getting a little experience working with uncommon ranch animals like emu, alpacas, and bison. You may never have to use what you learn but it will make your resume stand out.

Using Equipment

Tractors and balers are two very large pieces of ranch equipment that you’ll have to know how to operate safely. Tractors are huge vehicles that are used to haul around heavy pieces of farm equipment.

Balers are used to crush material into a rectangular shape. Most of the time this material is hay for the animals.

On top of being aware of how to operate these two heavy pieces of machinery, you should also have some experience with maintaining them.

Stay Fit

As you can imagine, working on a ranch involves a lot of heavy lifting. You’ll need to be pretty strong in order to wrestle the animals and lift bales of hay. To this end, you’ve got to stay fit.

The workout you get every day on the ranch won’t be enough. You should consider doing regular strength training with weights and pushups.

Wear the Proper Attire

During your ranch hand training days, you’ll probably be instructed on the proper attire for work but we’re going to give you a quick rundown. Put on jeans, a hat, gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and work boots to protect you from anything the great outdoors will throw at you.

When the weather turns cold, invest in a heavy work coat to keep yourself warm and don’t forget to apply plenty of sunscreen in the summer.

Find Rewarding Work on a Ranch

For as long as you remember you’ve found joy in working with animals. Spend time with them first hand by finding work on a ranch. Learning how to work with the animals and operate the equipment will take quite a bit of time as a farmhand but once you get the hang of it and gather experience, you’ll be managing your own place in no time.

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