A Rookie’s Guide to Craft Beer – How to Get Started


In case you didn’t know, craft beer is trendy. Well-known trademarks have been around for a few decades, while functional beverages are taking a step back, as opposed to independent brewers whose purpose is to respond to a more cultivated taste. 

High-quality ingredients, small batches and working with a recipe until it’s perfect are all part of this trend.

Some have hopped on the craft beer bandwagon, but others are a little reluctant simply because they aren’t sure if they’re ready to dive into the deep end of beer. Where do I find them? Are there brewers nearby? Can I afford it? While it may seem ridiculous to some to be so uncertain about something as basic as beer, it’s essential to understand that their choice has been set for decades & may even have a passionate relationship for many.

However, if you are willing to try something different and interesting, here is a fundamental path to understanding and getting cozy with craft beer:

Know and discover your taste buds – If you like beer, you have a good idea about what you fancy. Bitterness, temperature, sweetness, and various decorative notes – you’ve got a firm foundation from which to build. Knowing what you like makes you fully able to find a craft beverage that is on par.

Go local – Many small craft brewers try to make their home in smaller towns to grow their roots and help the regional economy flourish. New cafes and local watering holes will often highlight craft beers from “just down the road”.

Go shopping right away – Departmental Stores exist for an individual that has to lawn supplies, buy groceries and motor oil all at once. Fortunately, the same kind of diverse shopping atmosphere exists for those who enjoy wine, beer and other spirits. It can be hard to see so many options but talk to workers and see if they can guide you. You may find that excellent beer is waiting just around the corner.

Write it down, and remember it – Sure, it seems a little annoying, but keeping digital notes or a written record of the kinds of beer you try will help you stay prepared. Be sure to note the tastes that you like and dislike, and remember to mention the brand of the beer. Nothing is more damaging than an unfinished record of something you liked that you can’t recall.

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