A New Statistics Feature in CS GO – How to Make Your CSGO Statistics Better

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) expands a team-based first-person shooter game originally launched in 1999 based on Counter-Strike. The two teams compete in a multi-round game-based mode with the goal of winning enough rounds to win the game.

CS: GO introduces new maps, characters, and weapons, and provides updated versions of the classic “Counter-Strike” maps, such as “Dust”, “Hell”, “Nuclear Bomb”, “Train”, etc. In addition, CS: GO also has new game modes such as Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman, and Wingman, as well as online duels and competitive skill sets.

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Recently, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is coming up with a new feature in its system. With this feature, the users can see a new statistical option in the game and they will be able to find out how to improve their stats. There has been a recent update in the game which has been appealing to most of the fans. This update does a lot of work on the CSGO background code. But the main additions in the game are a few main menu customization options and the amazing Warhammer 40K sticker capsule.

However, if you open the game you will see that this update reveals that Valve may eventually bring the stats page to Counter-Strike. In the system, you can see that the new main menu background option shows two screens with other options not currently found in the game client. There are three new symbols, one of which is the CSGO statistics icon. When the player is in the game, it can be found in the scoring menu. The third symbol is a general “report error” symbol, which is very similar to the symbol in the current “League of Legends” client. In this way, Valve has more storage capacity in CSGO than some appearance updates.

How to Check your Stats in CSGO

Players can now view some of their counter-strike statistics, including Pick’Em scores, competitive game scores, and more. To check your statistics in CSGO you need to follow these simple steps given below – 

1. Log in to Steam online via steampowered.com

2. Navigate to your profile and click “Game”

3. In “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, click “Personal Game Data”

4. There are many data to choose from

With the list of data and a bug reporter function, you can see that all these statistics might soon be added in the game. We just don’t have any information on when the new feature will be updated. Keep following our blogs to know more about the latest updates on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.With the new updates, your experience in the game will be far better than before. If you already have purchased CSGO Prime accounts, you can beat a lot of other players in the game and improve your ranking. However, there are other superior accounts that you might be interested in. So, don’t forget to check those accounts and purchase them for a better gaming experience.

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