A Guide on Canadian Study Visa

If you are looking forward to a well-established and lucrative career then it is advisable to opt for higher studies in Canada. Studying abroad is a very exciting and at the same time it is a good experience. But it will be the best chance for you.

In Canada as a student you can experience a multi-cultured society. The tuition fees of Canadian colleges and universities are also lower than many advanced countries. Students are allowed to work legally and the best part is that due to the low crime rate you will be able to study and live safely.

Requirements to study in Canada

You first need to submit your application to a designated college or university in advance and receive admission. International students have to pass an English language test like IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF to prove their language proficiency.

It is necessary to brush up your language skills in English and try to learn French which is the second language in Canada. This will ensure that your application does not get rejected. Once you have obtained the acceptance letter the next step is to apply for a Canada study permit.

What is a Study permit?

A study permit is a written confirmation provided by the IRCC which gives permission to international students to study in Canada in the designated college or university. The permit is for temporary stay in Canada and it indicates the institution, length of the study program and conditions.

Documents requiredfor study permit

  • Ties to home country
  • ID documents
  • Financial documents (Proof of Funds)
  • Letter of study plan (Statement of Purpose)
  • Custodian declaration for minors
  • Proof of acceptance
  • Valid visa or ETA depending on home country citizenship

How to apply for study permit

Most students have to apply for study permit before coming to Canada, but some can do so from within the country or at the port of entry depending on their circumstances

Students applying from outside of Canada

  • You can submit a paper or online application where online is faster in approval process
  • If applicable you have to include biometrics for online application
  • Pay processing fees
  • Look at the checklist and submit all documents mentioned
  • Once you submit the application you have to wait for communication from CIC. This processing time is different for different countries of citizenship.
  • You may have to submit police clearance and medicals
  • If the application is approved you will be provided a letter of introduction along with an ETA or visa. On entry this has to be shown to the immigration officer who will provide the study permit
  • If the permit is refused you will be given a reasonnts according to this checklist
  • documents heir circumstances
  • da  low crime rate you will be able to study safely.
  • nts according to this checklist
  • documents heir circumstances
  • da  low crime rate you will be able to study safely.

Students applying from inside Canada

You will be eligible for applying for study permit if you show one of the following. If you have one of these situations then the above mentioned method of applying for study permit will be applicable to you.

  • You possess a valid work or study permit
  • Your common law partner, spouse or parent has a valid study or work permit
  • You are studying in Canada in a primary or secondary school
  • You are a visiting student or exchange student
  • You have completed a study program required to be accepted as DLI
  • Your dependent child, common law partner or spouse has a temporary resident permit valid for at least 6 months or more
  • You have a sponsor in Canada and you have already applied for permanent residence if eligible
  • You are the spouse, common law partner or child of :
    • An athlete in a team based in Canada
    • A member of the media
    • A member of the clergy
    • Military personnel on duty in Canada
    • An accredited foreign representative

If you wish to apply from port of entry then:

  • You should be a citizen or permanent resident of the USA
  • Resident of Greenland
  • Resident of St Pierre or Miquelon

These are the complete requirements to apply for a study permit in Canada. It may look confusing and if you need explanation or help then you should talk to an immigration consultant.

Note: During the personal interview, additional documents may be requested by the interviewer to prove evidence of academic or financial status. These may include:

  • Transcripts, diploma, degree or any other educational certificates from the institutions you attended
  • Scores from English Language tests
  • Your intent to depart from Canada upon completion of the course
  • Proof of funds, living and travel expenses

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