9 Incredible Vegan Brands You Should Be Supporting in 2020

Have you ever found shopping for vegan brands challenging? In recent years, vegan clothing and fashion have come a long way, offering more options and designs than ever imagined! If there’s a style you’re looking for, you can find a vegan brand that makes it!

The unique idea behind vegan fashion is it allows you to look your best while also supporting the ethical treatment of living creatures.

Supporting vegan brands do more than care for the earth’s creatures. Vegan brands follow ethical practices to ensure the safety and social rights of the workers making the clothing. These same brands also care about their environmental impact and follow sustainable practices in the creation of their products.

Are you a vegan or environmentalist looking to support incredible brands this year? Then you must check out the 9 great vegan brands!

What Are Vegan Brands?

Vegan brands are companies that believe in a cruelty-free world with human rights and sustainable practices. This means every product they offer is earth-friendly and contains zero animal byproducts.

The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice your love for the look of leather, exotic skins, fur, or any other materials derived from animals. There is plenty of realistic faux fur and faux leather to meet your every design, style, and taste. You’ll look good and feel good knowing you’re helping an incredible movement by supporting these vegan brands.

1. Klow

This European-based vegan brand believes in doing more than creating sustainable and cruelty-free clothing. They’re actively promoting the awareness of new ways of consumption and shopping.

Their 2 popular sub-brands include Armedangels and Dedicated, both of which are 100% vegan and PETA Approved. Look for the vegan symbol on their products to know which sub-brands are vegan.

2. Ashoka

Did you hear about the vegan bag gifted to the Duchess of Cambridge by PETA UK? It made international headlines and put the fashion spotlight on vegan leather!

Ashoka, a French vegan brand, is the maker of the stylish bag. They used apple leather made from the dried peels of apples.

The company also believes in earth-friendly practices. Many of their trending bags are also made from recycled plastics.


WAWWA commits itself to create fashionable clothing shoppers will love. Their clothing is both vegan and environmentally sustainable.
 This led them to design their streetwear-inspired line of clothing that shoppers will look good in, and feel good about wearing.

What sets WAWWA apart from other vegan brands is the durability of the materials they use in their clothes. The materials in their clothing line last longer than many other vegan brands. This helps shoppers consume less, reducing their environmental impact.

Another unique feature of this brand is that most of their clothes are gender-neutral! Everyone can feel confident and comfortable in their favorite styles.

4. Gung Ho

Gung Ho believes in pushing the boundaries of today’s cruelty-free and sustainable clothing. This UK-based company specializing in hand-made clothing using green sourced fabric materials.

Many of this vegan brand’s clothing and products comes decorated with prints sharing environmental issues. Some clothing comes adorned with insect-inspired prints demonstrating the negative impact of pesticides.

With each garment comes a mini pamphlet briefly explaining the issue you’re supporting. Every shopper will feel knowledgeable and good about supporting this groundbreaking vegan label!


Do you believe in ethical practices and social justice for all genders? WYNAD’s mission is to promote gender equality and social justice for everyone through their line of clothing. Inspired by their time volunteering in India, the owners Hannah and Rob felt the need to do something to give back and help others.

WYNAD’s clothing is 100% fair-trade and vegan. They use an innovative process to make vegan-friendly silk derived from the lotus flower. With every sale, 10% goes to the support of women empowerment projects and helping women find safe secure job opportunities in India.

6. Noize

Finding vegan outerwear that’s both stylish and eco-friendly has been a challenge for years. Vegans struggled to find cold-weather outerwear as most contain fur, wool, leather, or down. The vegan company, Noize, faced this challenge head-on, creating a cold-weather line of vegan clothing.

Noize created stylish outerwear using eco-friendly processes. They use recycled polyester and other innovative plant-based materials to replace traditionally animal-based materials.

7. Hemp Tailer

The vegan label Hemp Tailer specializes in outerwear that contains zero down, wool, or leather. Instead, they use hemp, recycled plastic, and organic cotton in their coats and jackets. They recently started a line of soft knitwear for men and women made from recycled cotton and hemp. The knitwear is soft, attractive, and completely vegan.

8. Native Shoes

In every step of the creation process, Native shoes strongly believes in creating a lighter, happier, and healthier world. They are an eco-conscious vegan brand offering a variety of different types of vegan shoes for men, women, and children.

Native Shoe’s production processes follow environmentally-safe practices with low-emission manufacturing. All of their products are cruelty-free and use recyclable packaging. Between the amazing shoe styles and sustainable practices, what’s not to like?

9. Jakke

Do you love the look and feel of fur but can’t stand the cruelty involved? Jakke, a London-based vegan brand, creates incredible faux furs and statement prints. The prints include slogans such as “100% Fake,” “Vegan Vibes,” and “Free From Fur.”

The company also takes sustainability very seriously. To reduce clothing waste, Jakke offers a program where customers can send their old jackets for repurposing. Customers also get a 25% voucher for their donation.

Jakke also dismisses the idea of fast-changing fashion. Instead, they have fewer new releases of styles and trends to inspire customers to hold on to their jackets for longer.

Supporting Vegan Brands Is the Newest Fashion

These 9 incredible vegan brands are changing the way we think and consume clothing. By making their products sustainable and cruelty-free, they’re setting the way for a happier healthier world. Make a positive change in the world by supporting these vegan brands today!

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