9 Cute and Confidence-Boosting Daytime Date Outfits

A daytime date is perfect to get to know someone on less intimidating terms but finding the perfect outfit can still be tricky. See 9 outfits to impress here.

Confidence is something that you feel on the inside, however, what you are wearing can be a huge factor in helping you show your confidence on the outside. 

In this article, we will take you through 9 amazing confidence-boosting outfits you can wear for a daytime date.

It can be difficult to get that balance of dressing up but not feeling over-dressed for a date that’s happening in the day. Read on to find out exactly what to wear.

1. Cute Dress and Trainers Combo

This is a great solution for wanting to feel a little dressed up but it doesn’t seem overboard or too much for daytime wear. You can wear a fun dress that is mid-length or floaty and team it a cute women’s fashion sneaker.

It allows you to feel sassy and confident but also comfortable, especially if you are doing any walking around during the date.

2. Make a Bold Statement 

If you have a particular favorite color which is striking, why not wear it? Something like a red or coral blue jumpsuit will really get your date to notice you! Wearing bright and bold colors is an excellent way to feel confident and makes you memorable!

And see if you can get some equally as bright jewelry or nail polish to match. 

3. Sportswear as an Outfit Choice

The great thing about fashion at the moment is that it’s stylish to wear sportswear in your day to day life. Why not wear it on your daytime date? You will want to elevate it slightly, why not pick out some nice lycra shorts and an oversized t-shirt? 

You can jazz your outfit up by adding some accessories or do your hair or makeup in a quirky way. Sportwear not only feels comfortable but can look amazing with just a few tweaks and accessories.

4. Jeans and a Dressy Top 

This is the classic daytime date combination. And it’s an excellent combination for a reason! Pick out your most flattering pair of jeans and team it with a dressy or going out top. It makes you appear as if you have made an effort but doesn’t feel like you are overdressed. 

You could pair it with a low heel or even a flat shoe or trainers depending on what you will be doing on the date. 

5. A Floral or Pattern Maxi Dress

A long casual dress is a perfect option for a daytime date as they are super flattering for all body types and allow plenty of room if you are planning on going for a big lunch!

Patterned or floral maxi dresses are a gorgeous option for someone who wants to dress up a little but doesn’t want to feel restricted or unable to move about easily.

Pair it with some flat sandals or even a low pair of wedges to complete the look. If it’s going to be chilly, make sure to pack a cardigan or sweater in your bag in case you need it. Often maxi dresses will have a low or exposed back which can be a bit cold in the cooler months!

6. Dress How You Prefer 

The most important thing to remember about going on a first date is to be yourself! There is no point showcasing an outfit or look that isn’t actually your style or who you are. 

If you love flower crowns and fishnets, wear them! If you always dress in black, why change into an orange skirt?! If you wear blue lipstick and prefer emo clothing brands, absolutely wear them!

Your style and preferences are who you are as a person. A first date with someone shouldn’t change what your identity is. If you feel comfortable and confident in any outfit, you should wear it. If anybody is ever critical of your outfit choice or how you choose to present yourself, they are not worthy of a second date anyways!

7. Daytime Make-up

It’s completely up to you if you want to put makeup on for your date. Some people prefer a natural look and some people want to put makeup on to feel more confident. 

If you are choosing to wear make-up for a daytime date, think about your normal make-up routine and elevate it a little bit to make it slightly special. A bold lip or a winged eyeliner will go a long way just to top off your look. You can also take a couple of bits in your bag to reapply when going to the bathroom. 

If you use a decent setting spray then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about your makeup coming off, but it’s always good to have it just in case!

8. How to do Your Hair 

If you have time in the morning, wash your hair thoroughly and apply a leave-in hair mask to give it extra body. Style it with a blow-drier and brush to compliment your outfit.

Leaving it down can be nice but also there are some fun casual updos you can try if you want something a little different. 

9. If in Doubt, Rely on Your Favorites 

Everyone has a favorite outfit or piece of clothing that when they put it on, they feel great! It doesn’t matter how many times you have worn it, you always love the look!

If you have tried out a few outfits and they just aren’t working for you, reach for your reliable option and wear it with pride! Also with a leaning towards sustainable clothing in fashion these days, it’s important to get plenty of wear out of your clothes! Don’t feel pressured into buying a new outfit when you don’t need to!

What to Wear on Your Daytime Date: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope that this article on 9 cute and confidence-boosting outfit choices for your daytime date has given you plenty to think about!

First dates can be exciting but also nervewracking! Make sure you choose the best outfit for you to feel confident in so you can be at your best for your dating partner!

The most important thing is that you feel confident, regardless of what you are wearing. You don’t have to follow trends to feel confident and sexy, rely on your own style and instincts.

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