7 Storage Hacks If You Have Kids At Home

Keeping your house child-proof is already hard. Add trying to organize your child’s toy on top of that and it becomes too much to handle. Well, we can’t blame the kids when their toys become a big pile of mess. But, aside from being an eyesore, not cleaning the toys right away may be hazardous. Instead, you may use this to your advantage. Teach your kids to be responsible for their toys and clean their mess. In this article, we will be suggesting some creative storage solutions for your children’s toys. After this article, you won’t have to hurt yourself from stepping on a toy.

Living Room Ottoman

If your kids love to bring their toys in the living room, then put storage for them there so they don’t have to go far. For example, a good versatile living room storage ottoman will do the trick. Most ottomans are short enough so your kids can reach and lift the lid. An ottoman is already a good replacement for a toy box since it could hold a lot of things inside. If you’re thinking of buying a new one, consider getting an enclosed one so you can cover up the clutter whenever you invite guests over.

Storage baskets

Well, this one is the most basic and known storage for kids’ toys. Yet, we suggest that when buying a basket, let your kid pick the color and design of the basket. Make sure that the basket has enough depth, yet your kid can still reach the opening of the basket so they don’t trip. If you already have a storage basket, why not make it more personal and decorate it with your kid? This method empowers your kids and inspires them to use the storage baskets. It’s a win-win for both kids and parents!

Under-bed Drawers

If you’re looking for bigger storage that you can put away, then under bed drawers is for you. You may DIY this so it fits perfectly under the bed. You should also put some mini wheels if you’re making one so your kids can pull them out of the bed with no problem. Under-bed storage drawers can hold bigger stuffed animals and toys, as well as books and board games. This is a good storage hack and space saver because you’re utilizing the available space under your bed. Putting an under bed drawer in your kid’s room will make them more conscious about the messiness of their room if they don’t store their toys properly.

Make use of bookcases

Turn a bookcase into a toy organizer. Your kids get to see all their toys and give them the liberty to reorganize it however they want. Car toys can be lined up on each shelf and make a good display decor. You can also put some educational books so they can easily reach out to them. You will save a lot of space since bookcases are stood upright.

Hanging pocket organizer

If you want a toy storage solution that is also a space-saver, a hanging pocket organizer should suffice. Make sure that when buying one, the pockets of the organizer are big enough. You may hang the pocket organizer behind your children’s door or their closet. Your kids may put smaller toys in each pocket so they don’t lose them easily.

A drawer cart

You may borrow some craft storage drawers from your studio and turn it into functional toy storage. Your kids might like having a lot of drawers so they can categorize their toys. You may also color-code or put labels per drawer so the kids can train themselves where to put their things. Cart with wheels makes it portable and can be placed in whatever part of the house. You can also put some dividers for smaller toy pieces, like legos and beads.

Upcycle wooden crates

If you’re looking for a cheap storage solution, then wooden crates are sturdy enough to hold a lot of toys. You can stack them or place them in one spot of the room. If you want to be creative, you can DIY them into tiny cars or animals. Your kid will surely appreciate having storage that is also a toy.

Find the best toy storage solution for your kids

If you’re looking for a fun way of organizing toys, then consider the storage solutions mentioned in this article. Having designated toy storage can save you and yourself from the unnecessary stress. Your children will learn how to take care of their toys and you don’t have to always think about the clutter. It is important when picking a toy storage solution, your children are part of the process so they feel more responsible about their things. The storage solutions mentioned in this article will bring a more harmonious home.

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