6 Tips for Power Dressing Like a Leader


When ‘looks’ are important, it is important how you dress. First impressions go a long way, so clothing cannot be underestimated. The dress makes a statement! This article will suggest six tips that will help young leaders project a powerful image along with preserving their x factor.

Six tips for power dressing like a leader

  1. Don’t forget the basics: First of all, young female leaders need at least 1 dress. Yes, dresses are still in fashion. Second, young females need at least a couple of skirts and two blouses; white is ideal, and also a necessity. If the skirt or dress is not lined, invest in a slip. Find a jacket that can be used with either slacks or a skirt. Even a tailored jean jacket can be carried with khakis or dress slacks. Young ladies should purchase at least a couple of dress flats, shoes and heels. Finally, jeans are okay as long as they are ironed, a good fit and clean. Don’t wear tennis shoes. On the other hand, young men need at least one suit, 2 shirts, 2 ties, and a nice pair of formal shoes. Moments will arise when you need to attend a special event. As for daily attire, a shirt, a couple of khakis and casual shoes will work.
  2. Be Careful with Accessorises: Remember, Less is more. That being said, avoid flashy jewellery. Also, a pearl necklace is essential and classy. Think twice before piercing your nose, lips and eyes. If they’re already pierced, remove all the jewellery in those places before going to a job interview unless you are seeking employment at the tattoo shop.
  3. Pick up dresses that suit your body: Nothing is more damaging than seeing the right outfit on the wrong person. If you are not sure what works best for you, seek the help of a fashion consultant or free internet platforms. While you’re at it, take your measurements and determine what colours will go well with your complexion. Once you identify what fits your physique, stick to it.
  4. Be presentable: Leaders don’t look like they just woke up from a deep slumber or a hangover. So, make sure your clothing is ironed and clean. If you’ve never ironed, now is the time to hit Youtube and learn.
  5. Don’t overdo your hair: Stay away from loud, gaudy colours and wild hairstyles. Locks, braids and natural looks should be well-maintained. A fresh hair cut for a man does wonders.
  6. Avoid improper attire: What’s improper? Anything too short, too tight, cut low, sagging, revealing or baggy is improper. All of these send a wrong message. A leader is always under the lens – someone is always observing.

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