6 Best HubSpot Alternatives for All your Marketing Automation Needs


The need of every business owner is to be able to make a dent in the market – one that will grab eyeballs and get customers flocking towards his or her products and services. In these pandemic times, it has become even more imperative than before to make that dent or impact online since that is where we have maximum opportunities. Yet, that is also where we have maximum competition and we need to find a way to improvise and reach out to our prospects in a far more efficient manner.

So, how is this possible in this day and age of lightning fast communication and interactions, where big data has to be filtered to the most relevant bottom line that will serve your conversion rate? The answer lies in technology and automation. HubSpot was one of the pioneers in the automation technology that brought us tools like CRM as well as marketing and sales automation. Since its inception way back in 2006, this platform has been helping businesses become increasingly efficient online with a number of tools.

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Yet, HubSpot has also seen a number of competitors and alternatives. The HubSpot alternatives have brought in a number of features, integrations as well as support when it comes to setting up those features and frameworks. While HubSpot remains the earliest and one of the most expensive platforms in its class, there are many alternatives to HubSpot that can be used at a lesser price with access to many more features. Before we delve any deeper into the HubSpot alternatives, it would be worthwhile to understand what these platforms can do and how they are better options than HubSpot:

Target Oriented Approach: The alternatives to HubSpotoffer more targeted campaigns which means that you would be able to use the data and information directly to construct campaigns that would be articulated in the words which are relatable for the customer. This would include working in solutions that would points at the problems that would propel their searches as well as their social media and related activity. With marketing automation, these kind of targeted activities would become a reality.

Less Technical Needs: Unlike HubSpot, many of the HubSpot alternatives would be able to eliminate the need for heavy duty coding so as to master the setup process and to get the most out of the framework. Most of the platforms that act as HubSpot alternatives would offer you a setup that can be hosted from their platform or on a cloud, which makes it far easier to customize and run.

Integrations: In keeping with above point, it may be seen that the number and range of integrations offered by the alternative to HubSpotare also on the rise. You can integrate all your tools for various functions so that the optimization happens in a more centralized manner. This means that the information would all be in the same place to be used independently by the sales and marketing teams.

Information Handling: The HubSpot alternative also offers better means of capturing and processing information based on the various integrations life web forms, landing pages, email, social media and much more. So, when you try to automate your marketing activities, you do not merely buy into a system that queues your blog posts and social media posts – but you also set into a motion a cycle that will track and collect data that will make your campaigns and efforts that much more targeted and fine tuned.

Now that we have seen the basic needs that theHubSpot alternative can fix, let us look at the alternatives and find out which one is the best:

1. EngageBay: This would have to be the best alternative to HubSpot since it allows you to completely integrate your sales and marketing functions with the CRM which can propel you towards a greater conversion rate with much ease. The affordability and setup support will also help you and your team in more ways than one. EngageBay basically gets all the ticks in all the boxes due to its wide range of features, pricing and other factors.

2. Freshworks: This is a new and upcoming platform that is also a good HubSpot alternative in the sense that it offers the basic ways of marketing automation. Yet, it may not be the most affordable platform for the small and upcoming business with limited resources since it does not have a very wide range of features and functions either.

3. ActiveCampaign: This is also an upcoming platform that focuses more on email marketing rather than other forms of marketing automation. While it is a good platform that also offers you tracking and analytics, you cannot rely on it for all of your marketing needs and the requirements that your team may specifically have for specific customers. In this sense, it is a limiting platform.

4. Keap: This platform was earlier known as Infusion Soft and it basically emerged as a good platform that offers you lead generation along with email marketing as well. Yet, you cannot fully reply on this platform alone for all your marketing automation needs since it may be affordable to integrate all your other marketing automation tools. You would need to have the flexibility to do everything on a single platform.

5. Drip: This alternative to HubSpot is one that offers you features similar to the above since it helps you organize all your data as per the functions and tools within the marketing automation side.

6. Vendasta: Much like Drip, Vendasta too is a sale oriented platform that can help you build channels for recurring revenue. It is a sale oriented platform that requires you to have a ready database which makes it imperative for you to undertake the extra cost of lead generation on another platform.

This shows that EngageBay is easily the best HubSpot alternative thanks to its marketing automation features and the affordability factor for small businesses!

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