5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer for Car Accidents

Part of winning your car accident case involves having the right lawyer. Here are questions you should ask before hiring a lawyer for car accidents.

The sound of a car hitting another at high speeds is one of the most sickening experiences — especially if you’re in one of those cars. 

Car accidents are among the most dangerous occurrences that human beings go through on a daily basis. You’ll need to take a case to court so that you can heal whatever injuries you experience and pay for monetary damages. 

When you know how to hire a lawyer, everything about these cases becomes so much easier. There are five questions you should have in your back pocket once it’s time to start talking to lawyers. 

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1. How Much Do You Charge for Car Accident Cases?

Before you commit to a contract with a car accident lawyer, find out how much they charge. Your lawyer will respond with a contingency percentage that they’ll collect at the conclusion of the case. 

While you don’t pay them on the front end, make sure that the rate is fair so that you can keep more of your winnings. 

2. What is Your Track Record for Winning?

Find out exactly how many cases your lawyer has tried, along with how many they’ve won. When they have a stellar track record, you can put trust that they’ll get you the money you need for your damages. 

If the attorney has a poor track record of winning, save your time, and go elsewhere. 

3. Do You Think I Have a Case?

This is the most important question that you should ask as early in the process as possible. The answer to this question saves you time and also lets you gauge the honesty and credibility of the law firm. 

Most lawyers won’t take your case if they don’t think the evidence is strong enough, or if the monetary amount of your damages aren’t worth it to them. These attorneys are more likely to take your case if you have significant damages. 

For instance, some good reasons to hire a car accident lawyer include the fact that your injuries cost several thousand dollars or if your vehicle was a total loss. 

4. Should I Take it to Court or Seek a Settlement?

Your case will either end with a judge’s ruling or an out of court settlement. Ask your attorney’s penalty on which is ideal based on your situation. 

The majority of cases get settled, so expect most attorneys to steer you in this direction. 

5. Can You Provide References and Reviews?

Finally, references and reviews will say a lot about your attorney’s ability to help you. Ask them to furnish references so you can gauge people’s experiences working with the lawyers. 

If people’s stories are filled with examples of results, gratitude, and how easy the lawyers were to work with, you know you have a winner on your hands. 

Find the Best Lawyer for Car Accidents

Having a lawyer for car accidents will help you recoup all of the costs for damages you’ve encountered. These questions will give you a head-start when it is time to aggressively go after the payment you deserve. 

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