5 FAQs on Coronavirus Masks Answered

COVID-19 disease has become a serious health threat worldwide. In India, the number of cases is about to cross 1.3 million mark, and there is no sign of things getting back to normal. With the cases still rising at an alarming rate and the discovery of its vaccination still likely to be a long haul, it is crucial for every individual to continue taking preventive measures to fight against this pandemic and stay safe and healthy. Amidst all the other measures, one of the most important is to wear a mask when going out in public. 

With so many types of masks available, many people are confused about which one to buy. Search for Coronavirus mask online or offline, and you will find a wide range to choose from, including designer masks, surgical masks, respirators, and many others. 

To help you get a clear idea before you buy a Coronavirus mask online, we have answered some of the most common questions concerning masks and their usage. 

Why should I wear a Coronavirus protection mask in public?

It has been seen that respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2 spread rapidly from person-to-person during close contacts (less than 6 feet). That is why the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends following everyday preventive measures, which includes wearing a good quality mask whenever you go out in public. 

Alongside, you are advised not to meet people who are either sick or at a higher risk of contracting this disease, avoid touching eyes or nose frequently, and cover your mouth with a tissue or a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing. If you are sick, stay at home and follow CDC guidelines. 

Are all masks capable of providing Coronavirus protection?

To understand this aspect, you must know the science behind protection from Coronavirus. This pathogen is microscopic in size (of the range 10-9m),  meaning it can easily pass through those masks which have large pores and spacing in between fibers. This points out that the risk of contracting this disease can be appropriately reduced if you wear a good quality mask made using nanotechnology. 

Furthermore, it is crucial to consider such scientific facts before purchasing Coronavirus mask online. 

What can happen on wearing a loose-fit mask?

While going out in public for work or other needs, you are recommended to use a mask to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection. Wearing a loose-fit mask when people are in close vicinity does you no good towards protecting yourself. Germs and body fluids from other’s breath can easily enter your respiratory tract. Similarly, if you are sick, you increase the risk of community spread to others through yourself by wearing a loose-fit mask.

Hence, it would be advisable that you buy a Coronavirus mask online that properly fits on your face. Look for renowned brands like Nirvana Being that offer Airific masks in different sizes. You can pick a mask by following the size guide available online on their website.  

My mask shifts upwards towards my eyes. How can I fix this?

Again, the most common reason why this happens is related to buying a wrong-sized mask. A loose-fit mask tends to move freely over your face when you walk or move around, and slides towards your eyes. Whenever this happens, you need to know the right way to adjust the mask over your face. 

Pull the bottom of the mask and avoid putting your fingers near your eyes to move it downwards. Always wash your hands after touching the mask or placing your fingers close to your eyes. 

A better alternative would be to buy an appropriately sized Coronavirus mask online by using the size chart.

What makes a Coronavirus Protection Mask different from a surgical mask?

Disposable surgical masks are quite popular amongst people these days because of their low cost. However, they are not specifically designed to control the spread of viruses. On the other hand, a good quality Coronavirus mask online that you would find is specifically made to prevent the infection from entering your mouth or nose. It reduces the wearer’s exposure to the harmful germs in the air, including small particles, aerosols, and large droplets. These are tight-fitted masks that are globally certified to offer protection against viruses. 

The whole world witnessed the outspread of COVID-19 disease unexpectedly and thus took some time to come to terms with it. However, now that we are much more aware of the way the virus spreads and how to keep the risk at bay, we must follow all measures. We must prevent contracting this disease by wearing a mask when necessary and maintaining social distancing. Alongside, we must also avoid falling in the trap of false information about the usage of masks and other preventive measures. The more we follow the safety norms, the lesser will be the risk.

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