5 Best Camping Areas to Visit in Queensland, Australia


Do you dream of waking up to the Great Barrier Reef at your doorstep, cuddling under the stars in the Big Sky Country, or enveloping a canopy in a National Park as you relax among world-heritage listed rainforests?

Visit Queensland, Australia.

You should give camping a try. Your days will be measured only by the movement of the sun, not smartphones, work commitments or emails.

For a camping weekend to remember, you can choose from around over 400 camping areas in Queensland’s forests and parks.

Here are five of my favorite camping areas in Queensland.

Smalleys Beach, Cape Hillsborough

Smalleys Beach is an offbeat camping destination, but has amenities and access on its side. It’s only a short five-minute drive to see the Cape Hillsborough sunrise show. You should carry swimwear. There are some great walking tracks throughout the park to explore when you’re not paddling the Smalleys Beach shallows.

Noah Beach, Cape Tribulation

Campsites don’t get more iconic than Noah Beach at Cape Tribulation, where you’ll be yawning just 50 meters from where the reef meets the rainforest. The roads leading to this campsite are windy, scenic and can be accessed by small camper-vans or conventional cars. You can relish bushwalking the Daintree forest, hogging homemade icecream made from forest fruits at Daintree Icecream stalls, and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.

Eurimbula National Park

The Eurimbula National Park is situated in the Wide Bay region, which has the most exquisite Queensland environment. It has campsites that are accessible with a four-wheel drive due to the dangerous terrain and some accessible by boat. It is next to the Agnes Water of the outside Great Barrier Reef. There are few parks within the national park, which is best known for surfing and fishing adventures. The camping sites are fresh with all the required facilities. The most striking feature is the Ganoonga Noonga, a short but very steep walking track where people can find adrenaline-boosting adventure.

Eddies Camp, Elim Beach

This isolated campsite, framed by lightly bending paperbark trees, is established directly on impressive Elim Beach. Here you can enjoy campfires under endless stars. You can also walk a few miles to look at the famous colored sand cliff.

Bushy Parker Park, Rolling Stone

Bushy Parker is one of the most secure free camping spots in Queensland. It has a clear stream for swimming, and the area has a guarded beach spot for those who want to swim with the tides on Balgal Beach. Camping facilities for families are easily available, and there are gas stations and service stores for supplies, so there is no need to take them from the town.

Queensland Camping Guidelines and Tips

  1. You can travel by boat, bicycle, or on foot and you can stay in a camper-van, motorhome, or tend – regardless, your options will be unlimited. Choose wisely. However, facilities vary between various camping places within a park or forest. Some camping areas may only be accessible to off-road. Can you ignite a fire? Is there a freshwater source? Is there vehicle access? Do your research before choosing your campsite.
  2. Don’t hesitate to walk. Explore a gorge, Climb a peak, or spend a few days hiking along one of the Great long-distance Walks scattered across Queensland. Don’t just sleep inside your camper-van counting days.
  3. Be safe. Store your food well. Lock your vehicle. Get to know your next-door-campers. Keep an eye on Mother Nature, and below for any crawlies.
  4. Leave the laptop or tablet at home and unwind.

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