5 At-Home Date Ideas to Surprise Your Partner With


What better way to spice up your relationship than by surprising your partner with an at-home date night? Whether you’re looking for a cheap date night, stuck at home with the kids, or just can’t leave the house because of a global pandemic, we have some awesome at-home date ideas for you!

No matter which date night idea you choose, your partner will truly be happy with the thought and effort you put into a romantic at-home date night.

Keep reading for our guide to discover five of the best at-home date night ideas you can surprise your partner with.

1. Indoor Picnic

One of the best cheap date night ideas at home is having an indoor picnic. The great thing about picnic food is that it tends to be cheaper and it is easy to throw together at the last minute, especially if you’re looking to surprise your partner.

All you need to do is make some sandwiches, or find some crackers with cheese for the perfect picnic. The best thing to pair with picnic food is a bottle of wine!

You can even build a fort out of blankets and pillows and eat on the ground in your living room. It will be a cute and fun way to spend time together at home.

2. Cook Dinner Together

Speaking of food, another one of our favorite stay at home date night ideas for couples is to cook dinner together. Make sure that you’re both participating when cooking together so that you can spend quality time together.

One way to do this is by having a delicious barbeque. Check out these common grilling mistakes so that you don’t make them when trying to impress your partner!

3. Take a Bubble Bath

If you’re looking for another one of our best last-minute yet romantic at-home date night ideas, then taking a bubble bath together would be perfect. Be sure to light some candles and find some delicious smelling bubble bath for the perfect atmosphere.

You’ll both love spending time together and it will be a romantic date night. Making some drinks will be the perfect complement to your bath time.

4. Play Video Games

If you don’t normally play video games together, then this is the perfect stay at home date night for the two of you. Find a game that you both enjoy whether it’s racing against each other or working together to beat the big boss.

Make sure to have lots of snacks and drinks because you might find yourself staying up pretty late laughing with each other.

5. Have a Movie Night

Our last date night idea is perfect for a rainy day. Make sure to pop popcorn and find your favorite cozy blanket. Whether you rent a new movie or just pick one of your favorites, having a movie night is an awesome date night idea for staying at home.

Which Exciting At-Home Date Ideas Will You Try?

Creating a romantic or fun date night for you and your partner doesn’t mean spending lots of money or going to extravagant places. Instead, you can use these awesome at-home date ideas to put a smile on your partner’s face and make some magical memories together.

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