4 Tips to Prevent Sweating at Night

Doctors say that night sweats rising from the after-effects of disorders can never be tamed, and it is rare to see such people sleep peacefully at night.

Even though perspiring at night cannot be controlled, mainly when you have contacted diseases and health issues such as cancer, infection, depression, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, etc., there are steps that you could take to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Not everyone may observe competent or instant results, but following these tips can change the way you sleep and check sweating.

  1. Wear loose clothes: Tight night clothes are known to trap heat and result in your sweating in the middle of the night. Consider wearing light and fluffy clothing while you sleep. You could also consider ditching the bra and underwear to let your body breathe. Wearing clothes made up of cotton and laying cotton sheets to sleep on can help you stay away from wet nights. 
  2. Change your eating habits: Many people have this bias to consume alcohol right before they sleep. Some prefer spicy food or a cup of coffee to finish the day with. All of these lead body temperature fluctuations and that would result in wetness. When you consume alcohol, the blood vessels of the body tend to expand, and that is where you start secreting profusely.
  3. Drink lots of water: When we sweat, we tend to lose out a lot of minerals, salts, and water from our bodies. When you observe night sweats, sipping a glass of water can help you get relief. There are times when you can get better almost instantly.
  4. Deep Breathing never goes out of fashion: It is said that the fast-paced lives we lead have hindered the way we breathe. We are known to take short breaths, which leads to anxiety. When you are stressed, you automatically tend to see night sweats. Yoga or probably sessions where you can experience deep breathing sessions can calm you down. This can help you find your peace back, thereby reducing the chances of sweating. 

Bonus Suggestion

When you observe unexpected night sweats, ensure that the heat of the room is taken down. It could be turning on the fan or lowering the air conditioner; you could help yourself accordingly. Gel mattress toppers can help you stay fresh when you are sweating. There are comfortable mattresses that enable you feel cold and set the temperature accordingly. Buying one of these, especially when you are accustomed to sweating, can help you get that necessary relief and not get bothered by night wetness.

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