4 Things to Look for in COVID Insurance in India

Medical urgencies have always been unpredictable. Staying prepared for it beforehand only makes it easy for us not to burden our financial health. Take the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 that has necessitated the purchase of a health insurance policy. Especially after the initiation of unlock-3, the increase in mobility has enhanced the risk of virus contraction. Buying COVID insurance only seems a wise decision to cover its high treatment costs. But there are a few aspects that you must look at before finalizing your COVID insurance policy.

Few things to look for in COVID Insurance in India:

Types of Covid Insurance in India

As per the guidelines of the Indian Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), there are two standard COVID insurance plans.

Corona Kavach Plan

Corona Kavach Plan is a standard COVID insurance policy that offers coverage for hospitalization charges, home care treatment, ambulance, PPE kit, medicine, gloves expenses and others. Doctor fee and ICU charges incurred during the Covid treatment are some other benefits that the policy offers. The sum insured amount ranges between Rs 50,000-Rs 5 lakh. Also, this plan provides cover for family members.

Corona Rakshak Policy

This COVID insurance policy pays for hospitalization of a minimum of 72 hours and more if required. It covers PPE’s, nebulizers, masks, oxygen cylinders, gloves, Ayush treatment and other expenditures. This plan generally offers protection to individuals who are above 18 years. The plan can be customized for sum assured as per your premium payment capacity.  

Inclusions of COVID Insurance

The coverages of the standard Coronavirus health insurance policy are:

  • Transport expenses 
  • ICU room rent charges
  • Organ donor expenses
  • Home hospitalization expenses
  • Post-hospitalization expenses
  • Alternate treatment 
  • Recovery benefit

The vital cover includes in-patient hospitalization and pre-hospitalization expenses, critical illness and accidental hospitalization and daycare procedures. If required, you can also opt for add-on covers like maternity benefit with child cover.


  • Exclusion of COVID insurance policy is the things that are not covered under the plan. 
  • The scheme does not include any costs that incur while staying in quarantine at home.
  • The medical expenditure will not be covered under your plan if you quarantine at a non-recognized centre for treatment.
  • Unless the waiting period for a pre-existing illness is over, any medical costs incurred on its treatment will not be covered.
  • The COVID insurance plan does not provide coverage for pre and post-natal expenditure incurred unless it leads to hospitalization.
  • In an event where you get hospitalized without the recommendation of a qualified doctor, the policy will not cover the hospitalization expenses.

Claim Procedure

Cashless Claim Procedure 

Most of the insurance companies offer cashless treatment facility, which enables you to get treatment without paying at the hospital. The bill is settled directly by the insurance company. Similarly, if you receive treatment for Coronavirus at a network hospital of your insurer, you can avail this facility easily.

Reimbursement Claim Procedure

These claims are applicable if you take treatment from your choice of hospital. If you opt for Coronavirus treatment in a non-network hospital, you will be required to submit the medical bills among other forms that are duly signed by the doctor or relevant authority. Submit necessary documents, including the hospital bill payment receipts, discharge summary, test reports and doctor’s prescription to your insurer. These documents must be submitted within a specified time limit.

Safeguard Yourself with COVID Insurance

With the rising cases in the country, it is a wise decision to opt for a Coronavirus health insurance plan to secure self and loved ones against this disease. You can consider all the above aspects to buy the best possible coverage for your convenience. Another thing you must consider is a reliable insurance partner. One of the reputable insurance companies like Tata AIG, offers COVID insurance plans. With 24x 7 assistance, their credible team will help you clear all your doubts! 

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