4 Benefits of Understanding Dark Energy

In astronomy, dark energy is a strange form of energy that affects the universe on the grandest scales. The first observational proof for its existence came from supernovae analyses, which revealed that the universe does not expand at a constant rate; rather, its extension is accelerating. The prevailing thinking about the nature of dark energy is that it is negative gravity, a force, or space-time curve, that deflects rather than attracts. 

We don’t know much about the dark energy, but here are four benefits of understanding this unknown wonder. 

  1. Space Travel: Dark energy is the answer inter-galaxy travel. It repels rather than attracts, and it is omnipresent. This means we don’t have to spend millions of dollars on space travel. We can master this force, and run our engine using the dark energy. Dark energy has the characteristics of repulsive gravity, and the speed of this expansion is the speed of light itself. We can travel at the speed of light using this energy.
  2. Time Travel: When you throw a catch ball into the air, it begins with a small initial speed-up, but then it decreases as Earth’s gravity pulls it down. If you launch it fast enough (about 11 km/s), it’ll never slow down enough to stop midair and begin coming back towards you, but it’ll still move more gradually as it moves away from you, because of our Earth’s gravity. Scientists initially thought the universe would slow down after Big Bang because of gravity. However, the speed kept on increasing, and the universe is still expanding. Why? Due to dark energy- an invisible force that repels gravity. Dark Energy is the reason time is moving forward, and we have still not found a way to understand it. However, if we could adequately decode dark energy, we could understand how infinity works and possibly harness time. 
  3. Unlimited Energy: Dark Energy is everywhere. This means that if we can collect it and use it to run our factories, We could potentially end our dependency on Fossil Fuels and other non-renewable sources. 
  4. Galaxy Formation: Dark Energy is also known to be the primary contributor to the formation of Galaxies. If we could discover this mysterious force, we could potentially decode the existence itself. Probably this is a missing link that could help us study the universe and know our role. How? What is that thing about the human body that cannot be explained but only felt? Emotions. What is that one energy that cannot be explained but only felt? Dark Energy. I hope you could see the link.

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