3 Things About Unique Gifts I Unlearnt While Looking for One


When you want to put a smile on someone’s face, give that person a gift. When you want the smile to widen, give something they’ve never seen before! Yes, a unique gift is a thing of elation.

The problem is most of us have no clue what defines unicity. Is it the utilitarian value of the product? Is it its aesthetics? And when you think you have finally found the present extraordinaire, you think about the effect it will create. Would it serve any purpose to the recipient? Would it offend the person in any way?

The questions can easily confuse you as they did me. Below are three simple things I unlearnt when I sought out to find a gift that would be in a class by itself.

Gifting an inconvenience

Sometimes, a present we think is extraordinary might be an inconvenience for the recipient. The product might be too big and lead to a space crunch. It might need regular maintenance, which could be a costly affair.

Let me tell you a personal anecdote. I once gifted a frequent globetrotter with a cool wall-mounted aquarium. He was excited when he received it. But soon after, he realized there was no way he could take care of the goldfishes in it. Result? – It is now just another showpiece in his home with artificial plants stuffed into it. What a waste!

Moral of the story: the item you feel like giving might be one in a million. However, it is better to skip such presents if they end up being a burden to the recipient. A gift that adds value is the only thing worth considering.

Worrying about Making the Right Selection

There was a time when I used to worry a lot about finding the right present, hopping from one shop to the next in search of it. But today, I can find help online on websites that curate unique gifts.

They offer some of the craziest gifting ideas ever. I love the fact that I can filter products according to the recipients, occasions, preferences, and more with minimal browsing. The product descriptions and photographs make it more convenient to select products.

I can even save the products for later reference and avoid a last-minute rush. The sites make gift shopping easy and pleasant, giving me the freedom to send presents anywhere in the world without hassles.

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Not Considering Gift-Giving Superstitions

It is something I was ignoring until I gifted someone a thing he considered bad luck. Needless to say, I got an earful.Let me tell you that gift-giving superstitions are rooted in religions, cultures, traditions, and other ethnic factors.

For instance, many Europeans and Asians believe gifting sharp objects bring misfortune.For some Chinese, gifting clocks is not a great idea as they associate it with death.In many cultures, gifted mirrors represent the devil’s own luck. Likewise, the number 666 is considered a bad omen in many parts of the world.

Again, some gifts are supposed to bring prosperity. For instance, in the United Kingdom, people believe silverware can bring good fortune to a newborn. A gift of silver is an age-old tradition in the country. Similarly, porcelain translates to riches in certain tribes.

You might not know if your dear one believes inany superstition. Therefore, it is better to be careful while choosing presents. Do not run the risk of offending anyone with gifts that are quirky, but traditionally unacceptable.Study the recipient’s culture and values to avoid gifting such products that can offend them.

To Conclude…

There is no dearth of unique gift ideas out there. However, there would always be a gift that is interesting for one person and bland for another. If one doesn’t cut it, another would. By avoiding the mistakes and putting in some serious thought, you can always zero in on the best gift!

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