3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Touchless Attendance System


As India enters a phased unlock, organizations have begun to think about opening their office space. However, the safety of employees remains the main concern with the increasing spread of coronavirus. Another major concern is to administer the attendance of the employees by keeping social distancing norms in mind. Every human resource department is looking for an alternative to biometric attendance that requires fingerprints.

Many problematic situations can occur. For example, an employee may sneeze and come in contact with the biometric attendance system. Coronavirus has triggered fear among workers and employers forcing most companies to suspend biometric attendance.

Any surface can become the cause of virus transmission rendering you and your employees to worry about shared things. Replacing a usual biometric attendance system with a touchless facial recognition attendance system can help avoid such a situation at the workplace. 

Here are a few reasons why your office needs a touchless face attendance system: 

Reduce Risk of Containment

For any employee, the attendance program is the first point of contact. You must contain the virus at your office doorstep. The future of work and workplace safety demands an alternative as the employees can be afraid to touch the biometric attendance machines.

Install a touchless face attendance system based on Facial Recognition like KENT CamAttendance. It is Made in India and considered the best precautionary measure to avoid virus spread while employees return to their office spaces. 

Ensure Your Employees Wear a Mask

Advanced touchless systems also offer a mask detection feature as an option. If mask detection is enabled then, the system follows a 2-step verification process. In this process, if the employee comes without a mask, then the system asks him/her to wear mask as a first step. Then, in the second step, the system asks him/her to remove mask so that the attendance gets marked. If the employee comes wearing a mask, then both the steps will be covered in reverse order. When you compare it with other biometric attendance systems, this one is highly beneficial during current pandemic times. 

Real-Time Data Transfer 

Advanced attendance devices can be controlled centrally from the cloud, and data is shown in real-time. The company HR can view all data from the cloud and generate employee attendance. It can also be synchronized with the company’s HRMS, making it easy to be used by any organization. Employees and supervisors can use the mobile application for added functionalities, like leave management, attendance approval, regularization etc.

Choose the Best Alternative for Biometric Attendance System

It is being reported that there has been a ban on biometric attendance systems for government employees. The coronavirus spread has led even private organizations to suspend the use of such devices. It is where a touchless attendance system like KENT CamAttendance comes into the picture.  It is a state-of-the-art touchless attendance device based on facial recognition which uses AI-based Computer Vision to capture and recognize the face of an employee for attendance. It is managed via a secure cloud application that stores employee records and photos. The data of KENT CamAttendance can be effortlessly integrated with the existing HRMS system of an organization through Webhook or API Integration.

Besides, the patented algorithm is engineered in a way that it can differentiate between a real person & a printed photo. This way, you can rely completely on the device for attendance management. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a touchless attendance system and ensure that your employees work in a safe environment

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