10 Transport Services That Should Compulsorily Have GPS Tracking Enabled For Safety

The transportation industry has undergone a paradigm shift in the modern technological world by following a process-oriented approach to enhance safety and efficiency like never before. GPS technology serves as a mandatory tool to achieve targets. More than just a tool, it holds the trust of owners, drivers, and customers by providing real-time information throughout the transportation life-cycle.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get an ability to track the end-to-end process in transportation from a centralized location? Samsara is one such company that provides reliable IoT solutions to maintain an effective transportation business.

Let’s go through some of the transportation services that must have GPS as a mandatory tool to maintain safety.

Trucking Services

Trucks are responsible for more than 60 percent of the freight movement from state to state. Hence, it is important to know its whereabouts throughout the journey. Driver’s safety is the primary concern when it involves remote and mobile locations. 

GPS plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of drivers and maintains the efficient movement of goods. Also, there might be cases where a particular route may get blocked. The use of GPS will provide real-time information to the drivers by showcasing an alternate route, which saves a lot of time and money.

Taxi/Cab Services

Hiring cabs or taxis are pretty common these days, considering a variety of providers and quick availability. You can’t imagine a taxi without GPS in the 21st century. The safety of both drivers and customers is essential, and GPS serves the very purpose. It saves a lot of fuel by providing the shortest route to the destination and increases productivity and profitability. 

Customer satisfaction is attained as it provides the estimated time of journey with the live traffic updates. Also, with GPS, there is a way to locate and recover the taxi if stolen. Have a look at the Global Positioning System tracker from Samsara.

Marine Shipping Services

Transportation through the sea is one of the high-end businesses starting from the olden days. GPS enhances the safety of marine operators and goods by providing the fastest and most accurate route to navigate, measure speed, and determine location. 

Vessel Tracking System plays an important role by bringing a wide range of connectivity between multiple ships and also between a ship and its destination. A transmission and receiver interface is usually coupled with the GPS sensor to regulate the ship in the right direction, without which both life and assets will be at stake.

Food Delivery Services

GPS allows us to sit back and relax after ordering essential items like food, groceries, etc. and track them in real-time from our mobile devices. An effective system is maintained, and safety is ensured when every vehicle under a delivery partner is equipped with GPS.

GPS provides a time estimate to both customers and drivers and facilitates instant tracking. This reduces a lot of back-end calls and increases customer satisfaction.

Aviation Services

Can you ever imagine an aircraft without a GPS? What happens when an aircraft flies without a GPS? Well, the chance of collision and losing the track is 100%. GPS is super essential in aircraft to navigate through the right routes and to know about the airline traffic. GPS is the primary safety indicator for airline services.

Rail Services

GPS plays a huge role in tracking trains, and the passengers are feted with real-time information. GPS enhances safety as well as promote punctuality. The Precision Train Control system, coupled with GPS, could help in preventing disasters. 

Trains are responsible for transporting a wide range of passengers and goods from state to state. Hence, GPS is mandatory to ensure maximum safety. Satellite Navigation technologies using GPS are used to control existing ground-based systems to monitor individual wagons and train signaling. 

This procedure will reduce the necessary distance between two trains and, in turn, augment train frequencies.

Bus Services

Buses are responsible for commuting within the state and between states. They cover every nook and corner of the road transport routes. School students, office goers, and many industrial workers use buses to commute. 

Safety is a primary concern. GPS powered buses will have a planned route and saves a lot of time for the students and passengers. It saves a lot of fuel by suggesting the shortest possible route to commute from one place to another and enhances driver safety.

Rental Vehicle Services

If you own a rental car company, the first and foremost thing you need to consider is GPS. A reliable GPS tracking system must be in place to track the whereabouts of your vehicle at any time. The GPS systems can be integrated with the laptop or mobile phones to get real-time alerts remotely. 

Since the vehicle is rented to strangers, safety is a primary concern. GPS significantly reduces the cases of vehicle theft. It also helps the customers to navigate safely to their destined location.

Livestock Transportation Services

Livestock like cattle, goats, etc. is usually migrated between countries and also between states owing to their productivity. Safety of the herd is the primary key, and hence GPS plays a major role here. It helps in easy animal identification and prevents theft. 

The vehicles transporting livestock must compulsorily have a GPS mechanism to provide real-time information to the stakeholders.

Police Vehicle Services

GPS plays a major role in maintaining the safety of police officers by providing precise location and speed of the vehicle. It helps in tracking down convicts and provides real-time information to the centralized cop network. 

Networking between several terminals is maintained using GPS, and it serves as the best source for efficient management.

Why Samsara?

Samsara provides solutions that combine hardware, software, and cloud over real-time across the field of analytics, AI, and operations, serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

Samsara is one of the pioneers in the field of transportation & logistics. It provides a real-time, open, and integrated platform of IoT solutions that cater to the need of effective fleet management. Some of the solutions include vehicle telematics, driver safety, mobile workflow, compliance, asset tracking, and industrial process controls.

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