10 Of The Most Unique Hairstyles of 2020

Having you been thinking about changing your look? If so, you’ve come to the right place for advice!

After all, there’s nothing better than a new hairstyle to jazz things up and take your personal style to the next level. The key is to pick a hairstyle that matches your personality as well as your facial features.

This article takes a look at some of the most popular and unique hairstyles for 2020. No matter your age or body type, there’s something here for everyone. Keep reading to find the look that will help make 2020 your year ever.

1. Asymmetrical Lob

One of the great things about this look is the fact that it works well with a variety of hair types and textures. That means it you’ll have plenty of styling options.

This asymmetrical bob features a shorter cut in back and longer in front, offering an edgy look that is sexy and fun. You can also style it with soft yet structured waves for an extra dash of space that’s ideal for any occasion.

This cut is extremely popular this year, so you can expect to see it everywhere from the beach to the hottest shops in Paris.

2. Chin-Length

A chin-length cut is the perfect way to keep things chic yet simple. You can curl the ends to flip up or flip in, depending on your mood.

This style has made a strong comeback this summer, in large part due to its amazing versatility. After all, it can be styled straight and structured, enabling you to create a look that’s textured, playful, tousled, or a sharp line. Plus, it will dry super fast in the morning.

A chin-length cut can also provide the illusion of fuller hair and is versatile enough for classy occasions or when partying the night away at your favorite club.

3. Modern Shag

Are you in the mood to bring back a taste of the ’70s? Well, no matter the decade you’re living in, the shag has really never gone out of style.

This is the modern version of the classic look, having been updated to match contemporary fashion. You can try it with fringe, straight hair, curly, long, or a mid-length cut.

The modern shag is basically a short cut that will remind you of a mullet with softer edges and movement. And yet keep in mind that longer shags are ideal for girls who prefer a little movement.

That’s really the big difference between the original ’70s shag and the modern version: the original was straight while today’s look provides more space for texture.

4. Short Bangs

Here’s another look that’s easy to maintain yet offers plenty of fun and spice.

Short bangs in 2020 definitely aren’t the same as curtain bangs. The key is to cut them just above the eyebrows so that they’re just a tad shorter than you probably remember from previous years.

If you’ve been considering this look, just remember that curly textures tend to shrink as the hair dries, so have your stylist cut your hair dry first and then shampoo after.

Another great thing about short bangs is the way they bring plenty of attention to your eyes. And you can even test out a faux fringe and various lengths in the back just to see what will optimize your facial features. 

5. Shattered Bob

Here is another bob that provides tons of personality along with a double splash of sexiness. This isn’t your mother’s basic blunt style. 

To achieve this look, your stylist will need to add lots of dimensional texture to the ends to create movement. You should also keep in mind that the shattered bob works better with medium-textured hair than fine or coarse.

It’s also worth noting that while this cut might look super dimensional, there’s actually a big difference between shattered and classic layers. The key is to ask your stylist for a lob with layers chipped with a razor rather than cut in a straight line.

6. ’90s Chop

If your philosophy is short but sweet, a ’90s chop might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This style is from an era when hairstyles were very carefree and didn’t rely so heavily on styling products. That was probably due in large part to the ’80s when hair was big and girls used enough hair spray to create a hole in the ozone.

This chop is short, sexy, fun, and you can experiment with angular bangs to create a look that’s both vintage and modern.

7. Curly Bangs

When it comes to unique girl hairstyles, it’s hard to beat curly bangs.

Curly bangs offer a softer look with tons of dimension, making this a super fun style for summertime.

Keep in mind that this style requires a bit of a commitment, but it can do wonders for the shape of your face. If you want to take this look to the next level, consider going with curly fringe and bold highlights.

This is a look you’ll love, and you can expect to turn plenty of heads everywhere you go.

8. Curly Layers

Speaking of curly, you’ve probably been seeing more and more women with lots of length along with plenty of layers. This is a sexy look that provides tons of natural-looking layers yet doesn’t leave you without looking overly layered.

Again, the secret to this look to tell your stylist to cut your hair dry and then wash afterward.

9. Mermaid Shag

Here is another updated shag that offers lots of length and even more fun. The mermaid shag is popular with celebs like Halle Berry, and it’s not hard to understand why.

After all, this look allows you to keep your length while adding choppier layers around your face. 

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10. Tapered Cut

More and more women are looking for short, simple cuts that will maximize style while minimizing the amount of time they have to spend on their hair every morning. 

The tapered cut is ideal for women transitioning from cropped cuts to something a bit longer. With this look, the back is short with clean lines but leaves the top long and wavy. 

A Guide to Unique Hairstyles for 2020

When you’re ready to try out a new look, the sky is the limit. This list of unique hairstyles for 2020 will help you look your best in every season.

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