10 Best Boat Hauling Companies in USA 2020

When you buy a boat naturally you want the boat to be transferred to your nearest port to your home. Or if you are shifting permanently to another place, then it is mandatory to take your watercraft to your new location. Like any other shipping process, transportation of boats is also a troublesome job. A mere second of carelessness can lead to a havoc loss. So, it is very essential to hire professional boat hauler services that will ensure your valuable watercraft’s safe and smooth transportation.

In this article we will enlighten about 10 such best boat hauling companies apart from using transportation services like citizenshipper where you can choose a driver that will ship your boat. 


Boatmovers.com has been involved in boat shipping and hauling service since 1994. It is a legally registered, insured and bonded boat transportation company that is also a proud member of BBB. This company used to transport the water crafts from state to state, city to city anywhere across the continental USA. They provide services to ship boats upto 12ft wide at a very affordable cost.

Interstate Haulers

Interstate Haulers was established in the year of 1997 and it is a family based boat transportation business.

This boat hauling service has been reviewed as the best one for its extraordinary helpful customer service in any situation. They usually transport personal boats, sailboats, powerboats, yachts etc. Their insurance policies are quite satisfactory to the customers. They ask for minimal deposit before transportation and also provide proper receipts too.

G-Diamond Transport Inc.

G-Diamond Transport Inc. provides service mainly to the boat manufacturers of the Elkhart area of the United States. They also haul boats to more than 48 contiguous states of USA and to Canada also. All the professionals of the company who directly related to haul boats are properly trained and experienced. They are also certified and efficient to face any situation while transporting. They ensure your vessels timely and safe delivery with proper insurance policy. They transport boat sizes ranging from an aluminiumjon boat to oversized yachts and flatbed freight too.

We Will Transport It

We Will Transport Itis a five star international boat hauling company that has experience of more than 25 years. This company is headquartered in the Pompano Beach area, USA. The best thing about this particular company is, it never asks for any advanced payment or upfront payment for transporting vessels. The cost is determined according to the size and weight of the water craft and also as per destination distance.

Boats Express

Boats Express is a Florida based boat hauling service with experience of 25 years. They have provided boat transporting services since 1991 for the boats from the range of 16 meters to 65 meters. As per customer reviews it is the best and affordable boat shipping service to ship medium sized boats or yachts that delivers atva very reasonable span of time. They provide services in almost 120 countries and more.

Peters and May

Peters and May is an international boat hauling that is in the business for more than four decades. Some of the professionals of this company are 25 years experienced in maritime military deployment and well equipped for the successful execution of the purpose. They will also provide insurance for your water crafts.

Compass Yacht Delivery

Compass Yacht Delivery is a five star rated boat shipping service with experience of several years. They used to update their service system on a regular basis according to the customer and market requirements. Their expert professionals are eligible enough to pick up and deliver your vessel to your desired location safely and timely. They allow boats to ship from the range of 10 meters up to 150 meters.

Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is one of the largest boat hauling companies that is associated with more than 120 ship owner companies. This company was founded in the year of 1985 and of 30 years experienced in the field of yacht transporting. The company has staff, engineers and landmasters who assure the best service at doorstep.

Dockwise Yacht Transportation

Dockwise Yacht Transportation is a unique boat hauling company that specially focuses on transporting yacht and superyachts besides boat shipping. DYT is a Florida based boat transportation company that has started busineTransport 1987 and gradually became the safest boat hauling service across the USA as well as the entire globe.

Express Boat Transport

Express Boat Delivery is the most affordable heavy weight and large boat transport service. This is a family-owned business company with experience of 25 years or more.  The staff is properly trained and dedicated towards their duty to the customers. The service providers are well equipped too electing

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