Yonex Carbonex 8000 Vs Muscle Power 29

Yonex is one of the most popular sports brands that never seize to amaze players with its versatile and amazing racquets. Yonex produces all rounder racquets which give a lot of specifications in one racquet. It is perfect for everybody, if you are a beginner and want to learn how to play badminton then you can definitely a racquet perfect for you or if you are a professional player, then there is a racquet for you somewhere among the many collections they release.  

Selecting a racket can be a difficult task for everyone. Even if you are an advanced player you might have faced some difficulty while choosing a racquet for yourself. Before going out for the racquet hunt you need to understand your game style and focus on the key features of your gameplay. If you are a beginner reading this article then this might be confusing for you but you first need to understand what your style is. Some people like playing fast and aggressively, some people like playing defensive style. Players who play fast and aggressively like delivering powerful smashes which are a little difficult keep up with. People who play defensively like to keep it simple and they deliver deep shots. Know r racquet.

Know what your style is and then choose your racquet, and for those who know what their style is and are still confused, you can take help of this article to find the perfect badminton bat for yourself Top 10 Best Badminton Rackets in India: Ultimate Buyers Guide. Here is a detailed comparison of both the racquets:
Yonex  Carbonex 8000 plus

If you are not an advanced player then this might be the racquet for you. Some of its specifications are given below:

  • Almost all the players who use this racquet get satisfied with its power and performance
  • The shaft is made of Graphite and Carbon Nanotube which gives it complete stability. 
  • The box-shaped frame cross-sections and the round head gives the solid string impact feeling.
  • It as flexible shaft which is perfect for beginners
  • Yonex carbonex 8000 is Ideal for players who love speed and fast responsive shots this
  • The elastic Ti, resist the deformation
  • The stretching recovers the shape quickly to launch an accurate shot immediately on the swing time with full energy.

Yonex muscle power 29 lite

It is the best selling racket from the muscle power series released by Yonex.  Here are some key features of the racquet that you might find useful:

  • This racquet is weighted 3U (85-92 grams) which is perfect for advanced and intermediate level player
  • The given weight of the racquet provides overall more mass without affecting the balance
  • If you love playing aggressive then this is the racquet for you. Power hitters love this bat
  • The frame of this racquet is made of aluminium
  • Grip size is G4
  • The string tension is 24lbs which is evenly balanced. which is the medium tension for badminton rackets


As I mentioned before it is important to know your style before choosing a racquet so if you like playing aggressive then you should go for Yonex power muscle 29 but if you like playing simple and be an all-rounder then Yonex carbonex 8000 is the racket for you. 

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