Why Wearing a Mask In Public Is a Democratic Issue

COVID-19 has been forcing us to adapt and learn new things as we go along. The disease is a novel one, which means we don’t have all the procedures and understanding to deal with the new normal. Nevertheless, we are slowly adapting and returning to everyday activities.

There are several things that can be done to stay protected against the virus, but the most important safety measure to adopt is wearing a mask. A mask is becoming the norm; we see people wearing one everywhere. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of wearing protective face masks.

Wearing a mask is more than just a safety measure for yourself. It is actually a way to protect everyone around you. There are several reasons why wearing a mask in public is a democratic issue, and we are going to discuss them in this article.

The Best Protection

First, we have to understand that wearing a mask is the best protection against the Coronavirus. The virus is spreading via droplets from an infected person, and wearing a mask prevents those droplets from causing an infection in others.

If you are someone who is already infected but yet to show symptoms, wearing a mask also helps stop the spread of the virus further. Blocking transmission of the virus to those around you helps slow down the pandemic’s spread by a substantial margin.

Those who refuse to wear a mask need to understand these key points. Even cotton masks – and homemade ones – are better than wearing nothing when it comes to curbing the spread of Coronavirus.

Paired with Other Measures

Wearing a mask is not enough, but it is a fantastic start. Multiple studies have shown that wearing a mask reduces the risk of catching the Coronavirus by up to 80%. Combined with other measures such as physical distancing and washing your hands more frequently, we can fight the Coronavirus together.

That last part is actually important. Rep. Dennis Bonnen, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, stresses the importance of facing the Coronavirus and the crisis it brings together. By helping one another, Speaker Bonnen believes that we can overcome the challenges we face more effectively.

The same sentiment also comes from Dennis Bonnen wife, Kimberly M Bonnen. Other members of the Texas House of Representatives are also stressing the importance of staying together as we open up the economy and face new challenges along the way.

A Democratic Issue

As mentioned before, wearing a mask goes beyond protecting yourself. It is also about protecting those around you and the community as a whole. This is why wearing a mask is a democratic issue, as Dennis Bonnen correctly pointed out in a recent interview.

In the Dennis Bonnen recording of the interview, he reveals how the representative is empathetic to those who are struggling to adapt to the new normal. Yes, there are calls to not wear a mask for partisan reasons, but now is not the time to be partisan.

After all, the virus doesn’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican. Dennis Bonnen designation may be the speaker of the house, but he is also a human being, one that is classified in the high-risk category; thousands of other seniors are too.

It boils down to everyone’s right to stay safe and healthy as we reopen the economy. We cannot continue to impose lockdowns because the economy will not survive that, but we still need to take extra steps to make sure that everyone is protected as we interact with more people.

The Year of the Election

Reopening the economy will help businesses and citizens recover from the financial impact of the Coronavirus faster. As more steps are taken to reinvigorate the economy, it will be even more important to understand the importance of wearing a mask to protect everyone.

Let’s not forget that we are also entering an election year, which means there will be more public gatherings; physical distancing is not always possible. The least we can do is be disciplined about wearing a mask no matter where we go.

There are plenty of masks to choose from too. Surgical masks are back in stock, and N95 masks that are made for consumers are also easier to find. Small businesses are producing cotton, reusable masks for everyday use. 

Other steps that can be taken to protect yourself and everyone around you include:

  • Avoiding indoor gatherings, especially when physical distancing is not possible
  • Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds more frequently
  • Taking a shower after spending time in public places
  • Continuing to implement physical distancing whenever possible

In the meantime, local, state, and federal governments are taking additional steps to make sure that the infection curve doesn’t spike as the economy opens up. You, too, can be a part of flattening the curve with the help of a good mask covering your nose and mouth whenever you are in public areas.

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