Why to Get Sober and 10 Top Tips for How to Get Sober

Are you trying to figure out why you should get sober now? Read this article to learn the top tips for how to get sober and why.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), over 19 million Americans battle substance disorder. The same survey also revealed that only 4 million people received the treatment that they need.  

Getting sober is a challenge. In fact, most people struggling to get out of alcoholism or drug addiction are always looking for tips on how to get sober. If you want to get and stay sober, the first motivation that you should have is finding a good reason to do so.

Why You Should Get Sober

There are several good things about being sober. If you need to find a good reason to get sober, here are some that you can consider:

To boost your self-esteem– Addiction can make you feel worthless. Being sober, on the other hand, will not only make you feel good, but it also makes you more confident. You will have a more positive view of the world.

To improve your health– You will be able to sleep better, eat better, and maybe even get some time to exercise. Such habits will help you stay healthy, and you will feel it.

Addiction is painful– You always want to stay high to avoid pain. Once you have gone through detox, the pain will go away.

You will be a better parent, friend, or relative– Being sober will also help you maintain healthy relationships and make better decisions concerning your family and life.

Getting high is expensive, and so is the cost of recovery– If you are sober, you will be able to save more or make better financial decisions.

Being sober will save you from feeling embarrassed because of what you did while high

Enjoy life-When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you are most likely to have only one thing on your mind; getting high. You may miss out on other little things that life has to offer

You are worth a lot more when sober. The hard work and patience that the recovery process takes will be all worth it. These and many other reasons that you have will give you the willpower to not only get sober but stay sober.

How to Get Sober

Rehabilitation centers are not cheap, and not everyone who wants to get sober can afford to get treated in rehab centers. If you cannot afford therapy, several other ways can help you get sober.

Whether you choose to go to a sober living treatment facility or use another formula to get sober, your commitment to the strategy you use is what will determine how successful you become.  Here are some tips that will help you get sober.

1. Get a Support System

The journey to getting and staying sober can be bumpier if you are doing it all alone. Lean on your friend and family for support and stay closer to those friends who will invite you for activities that will keep your mind busy.

2. Join AA

AA and NA meetings are very common. You are likely to find more than one in your area. Consider joining an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous group in your area. These meetings can help you find new friends who you share a common goal with and who will help you in the recovery journey.

3. Avoid Risky Situations

Stay away from friends who you used to do drugs with or drink with before. If you have to take a new way from school or home to avoid your old hangout, do exactly that. Remember, it is very easy to relapse even after successful treatment.

4. Manage Those Urges

Urges do not last long; however, fighting them off is not easy. Try to find a way to manage your urges by chewing gum, staying busy, keeping a journal, and more. Whatever will work for you, do it.

5. Know Your Triggers

A huge part of getting and staying sober is knowing your triggers. Some common triggers include stress, relationship troubles, emotional distress, financial problems, your job, and more. Once you can know your trigger, have a plan for avoiding or managing them.

6. Detox

Sobriety begins when you stop doing drugs or drinking. A detox program might seem like an extreme step, but it is necessary. 

Go through either an inpatient or outpatient detoxification program so that you may completely get rid of the alcohol or drugs in your system.

7. Do Something Meaningful

You can consider doing something that will make you feel good. Whether you choose to volunteer in a children’s hospital, animal shelter, work with the homeless, or exercise, doing an activity that you love will trigger the brain to release endorphins which will make you feel good.

8. Focus on Your Health

Misusing drugs and alcohol takes a major toll on one’s physical and emotional health. If you want to get sober, prioritize self-care and good health. This should give you the urge to get and remain sober. 

9. Have a Schedule

A disorganized or chaotic lifestyle can hinder your recovery. To ensure that you stick to your plan, develop a schedule, and stick to it. Having a structure will help you realize the goals you have in your life. As much as getting sober is a priority, pursuing other goals while at it will help you stay focused.

10. Deal With Your Mistakes

Several people who abuse drugs or alcohol have a lot of pain or suffering in their lives that they are yet to deal with. Guilt, shame, and other excessive emotions that have not been dealt with are a major deterrent to sobriety. If you try to get sober without dealing with your past mistakes, you are most likely to relapse. 

Consider These Tips to Know How to Get Sober

Getting sober is not easy. However, it is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself, your family, and your community. If you are on the road to recovery, you will want to do everything possible to avoid a relapse. Use these tips for how to get sober and remain focused on staying clean.  

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