What to Look for in a Table Saw Under $300

$300 is a fair price point when shopping for a power tool. This is even more important if you are on a budget. For table saws, especially, it shows you are not going for the top rated units but still do not want to settle for a low-quality saw. If you would like to know what to look for in a table saw under $300, go here. Meanwhile, as badly as you might want a table saw, they can be expensive. Interestingly, there are some affordable options on the marketplace. And what’s more? They are worth your money.

As you will find on Amazon, some of the top favorites that fall under the category of under $300 are:

  • DeWalt DW7485
  • DeWalt DW745
  • Bosch GTS1031
  • TACKLIFE Table Saw ShopSeries RK7240.1
  • Genesis GTS10SB

What to Look for in a table saw under $300

You might be confused about which is the better option, especially if you are just starting. Given the different specifications and features, it means you have to take a closer and in-depth look into what you need the saws for when you eventually get one.

  • Rip Capacity

A table saw is more advantageous than other types of power saws because it allows users to set the fence to a particular size. Then, they can rip the wood down the length. After that, you can repeat the same cut for as many times as you want and the measurement will still be intact- each piece replicating the first cut. Some of these budget table saws were found to feature more than 24 inches rip and others which impressed less managed between 12-16 inch max rip.

  • Blade Size

The blade size determines the depth of cut. The standard for table saws are 10-inch blades and those of this size are not so many. They also do not cost much. You can easily find them, and choose from the plethora of options depending on the type of cut you want to make with the tool. Some saws are designed with 8 1/1 inches blades but the problem with this is that there are not so many and replacing them can be difficult. 

  • Portability

While some woodworkers need a table saw for their workshops, some need it to be portable enough to be moved about when they are performing their work. Depending on what your priority is anyway if you do not need a portable saw, no need to bother about getting a small and lightweight tool. For the ones that can easily be moved about, you will prefer a light saw- especially the one with a carrying handle. 

  • Accuracy

Of what use is a saw that is inexpensive but does not make accurate and clean cuts? Some lower-end saws seem to commonly have fences that lack tight straight and produce cuts that always runoff. You do not want to encounter this avoidable frustration. Therefore, you want to make sure you check your fence with a tape- confirming the distance to the front and back of the blade. 


As a woodworker, you want a table saw- being a valuable power tool you must have in your workshop- for different activities. Therefore, finding the best cheap table saw that meets the various needs and is able to handle a variety of projects is important and with this review, you are better informed to make profitable decisions. 

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