What Size RV Do I Need?

You’ve decided to hit the open road and become one of the many land travel lovers that exist on long stretches of highway and spend their nights in remote campsites, exploring uncharted areas and tourist attractions alike.  As such, you need a reliable, performance driven recreational vehicle.  

While you may already have some specifications that you know you want to look for in luxury RVs, there comes the question of size.  What size RV do you actually need?  The perfect RV will fit you and your traveling companions comfortably, tow nicely behind the car you want to take on the road, and never interfere with your ability to visit a particular locale due to size.  Here’s a helpful guide to finding the perfect sized RV for your budget and your caravan. 

·        How Many Travelers Do You Have?  The biggest deciding factor in determining the size of RV you will purchase will likely be how many travelers you need to accommodate.  If you have a family of four, for instance, an RV that sleeps up to eight may be excessive and unnecessary, although certainly comfortable and spacious. 

Allowing for the opportunity to take on an additional passenger (another relative or child’s friend, perhaps) a general rule of thumb is to select a camper that can comfortably sleep your standard travelers (i.e. your family).  A family of four would want an RV that could accommodate up to five guests, by means of a pull out sofa, convertible couch, or other non-standard bed. 

·        How Much Can I Tow?  Another limiting factor will be how much you can tow with the car you want to take on the road.  Many travelers love to take a convertible on the road to feel the wind in their hair as they travel the open highway.  A large RV, however, will require a large engine to tow it.  Obviously, with less horsepower, you’ll be able to tow less trailer.  That is, unless, you opt for a trailer crafted from a high quality, lightweight material, like aluminum.  Aluminum trailers are constructed for durability and weight.  A large, luxury aluminum trailer that sleeps four to five people can be towed by a small vehicle because of its lightweight design. 

·        Where Am I Going?  Many RV buyers fail to consider the size of their RV will determine where they are able to visit and where they cannot.  Many campsites, national parks, and other attractions have camper restrictions which disallow certain sized recreational vehicles from entering the premises, much less camping there.  If you truly want the full experience of visiting a national park, for instance, you’ll want to be sure the RV in which you travel fits within the size guidelines the park insists upon so that you can stay inside the park instead of outside.  Sometimes, staying outside the park can mean staying very far away, which can take away from your touring time. 

Another size consideration is height clearance.  When traveling older infrastructure, you will likely be met with clearances that are lower than modern standards.  This can mean the difference of traveling a stretch of highway that passes through an important area you wish to see, crossing a famous bridge, or traveling through the trunk of a tree.  It is entirely possible to purchase a luxury RV that sleeps multiple people in a comfortable space without exceeding height and weight thresholds set out by parks and highway authorities. 

The size of the luxury RV you will purchase is determined by your traveling entourage, the horsepower of the vehicle with which you will tow your RV, and the size restrictions of the places you want to visit.  It is easy to find a luxury RV that fits the bill if you do your research and take your time looking for RVs that are crafted with these considerations in mind.  

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