What is a WiFi Routers or Wireless Routers?


Wireless WiFi router is a device which provide internet access to computer. As we know, Good internet speed is important for playing online games or for streaming 4k, HD video. For this reason, most of gamers and digital marketers prefer Internet access by routers.Well, what is wifi router let’s talk about this.

What is WiFi Router

In simple words, Wireless routers are internet devices which help you to use internet. Router is hardware device that connect with ISP ( internet services Provider) and wirelessly provide Internet or a private network to computer. WiFi routers Combines the functions of a hardware with wireless access point. There is two types routers available wireless routers & wired routers, wireless routers connect with computer devices wirelessly and wired routers directly connect with computer by wire. Well, one major difference in routers is single, dual and tri-band, let’s talk about this.

What is Single, Dual, and Tri-Band WiFi Routers

Single, dual and tri-band is a type of network that a router provides to a computer.

Single Band – Single band router offer one wireless signal 2.5 GHz network.

Dual Band – Dual band router offer two wireless signal one is 2.5 Ghz network and one is 5 Ghz network.

Tri Band – Tri band router offer three wireless signal one is 2.5 Ghz network and two is 5 Ghz network.

What is Wi-Fi Signal strength

Signal strength is coverage area of network provide by a router.  As we know, there is thousands of companies selling WiFi routers. However, technology used in router not same in every router and technology has changed over time. So, every router’s signal strength is not a same. Before buying a WiFi router you should first check signal strength you can check this in router’s features details.

Wi-Fi controls

Controlling a WiFi router is very easy, On-Of button, Wps button and reset button these buttons are available on routers although few things which we can manage on router admin panel. We know, technology has changed over time and now most of router brands selling touch screen routers which we can easily manage although managing routers on admin panel is easy. In general, the router’s administrator panel is a router gateway IP address and most routers have a gateway IP address or, however, some router brands such as tplink and Jiofi have their own admin address such as jiofi.local.html which is the admin panel address of router jiofi.


What is router and how many types of routers available and which features are available in router i have covered these points in this article. Well, Hope you find this article helpful. Queries regarding this, you can let us know through comment section.

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