What is a dehumidifier and when should one use it?

It is the moisture levels in the atmosphere that makes people uncomfortable. Although the humidity of the outside environment is beyond human control, the levels of moisture can be tamed to a much extent, and one can stay comfortable in their homes and offices. Researchers have found that the ideal humidity percentage of humidity to remain fit is 30% to 50%. Even some indoor plants grow better if the humidity of the grow tent is controlled.

So what do you need to do to stay comfortable controlling the humidity of your indoors? Well, it is time to use a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is nothing but an electrical gadget that pulls out the excess moisture of the indoor air and keeps the area dry to make your stay pleasant. Not only for the rooms of your house but one can use a dehumidifier for grow tent, mainly if you are growing indoor plants and herbs inside a greenhouse or an enclosed tent. There are many advantages of using a dehumidifier, and we shall discuss some of them.

The working principle

Similar to the working principle of any refrigerator, the dehumidifier works on the same principle. It is an electrical gadget, with cooling coil and heating coils inside. The moist air is sucked inside the dehumidifier, and it circulates over the cold coil. The sucked air condenses on the coil and forms water droplets which get accumulated in the water tank or thrown outside through proper drainage pipeline. The air then passes over the heating coil getting completely dry and warm and thrown out by the dehumidifier inside the room to give a soothing air maintaining a proper indoor atmosphere. 

The usage and benefits of a dehumidifier

  • It is not the sweat that we get in the hot moist summer or the dampness of the rooms in the rainy season. Many people also suffer from allergies like getting itchy rashes running and stuffy nose, watery eyes, breathing troubles or wheezing. They all happen somewhat due to the damp and sultry weather. These all can be controlled if one uses a dehumidifier at home.
  • With the use of a dehumidifier, one can cut down the moisture levels of the indoor air and prevent the formation of hospitable allergens like mildew, dust mites and mold. If you are having bad odor inside your premises, it is the dehumidifier that runs silently, cut down the humidity levels and give a fresh indoor atmosphere.
  • With the dehumidifier installed at home, one can considerably cut down energy bills as the air conditioner does not need to overwork to make the air dry. Even if you have water leakages keeping your indoor moist and damp and becoming a breeding ground of molds and mites, it is the dehumidifiers that will keep the area dry.
  • Even some gardening enthusiasts growing plants indoors, use the dehumidifiers to maintain the humidity levels inside a growing tent or greenhouse so that the plants get the right atmosphere to grow throughout the year.

Things to consider while buying

One needs to buy the right capacity of dehumidifiers. It depends on the area that needs to be dehumidified. The more the area, the more capacity dehumidifier is necessary. Initially, after installation, one need to run the dehumidifiers continuously for some weeks so that the moisture accumulated on the walls, curtains, carpets etc. is removed. Then one can run the dehumidifier as per need or when the indoor humidity level cross a healthy limit of over 30% to 50%. They are available in various capacity and watts, and each of them covers some cubic meters that can be dehumidified.

There are various brands available in the market, and one should buy the best amongst the lot. Consider the technical specifications like area covered, the capacity to store condensed water, watts, the place of installation, the weight of the machine, the sound level while working and of course the price tag.


So by now, everybody might have got an overall idea of dehumidifiers. Control the dampness, moisture levels of your indoors and keep away the molds and allergens using them. One should always breathe fresh oxygen and never feel breathlessness due to extreme humidity. Use them and stay comfortable.  

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