Ways to select Tournament and team


The rise of technology in the 21st century has given a significant rise to online games. Along with online games due to more telecasting facilities cricket has also seen the evolution from five-day tests to 3 hour T20s. More cricketing has given the developers an idea to go for the fantasy cricket where you can watch the match as well as earn money by just selecting a team.

Tournament and Team selection 

Once fantasy cricket app download process is done you are halfway down to thrilling and exciting online gaming arena. When you log in to the fantasy cricket app you will see various ongoing leagues and tournaments on the home screen. You can choose one of the matches that you want to play. After choosing the player you can join the contest from various contests available according to the price. The more contests you play the more you will earn exciting cash. 

The team selection can be slightly typical if you are new to cricket. It is always suggested to choose a team according to the pitch conditions and playground area. Choose wisely after knowing the ground reality. If the pitch and ground are supporting the bowlers go for more valuable bowlers in your team. If the ground is favoring the batsmen go for the quality batsmen in your team. If you are confused and cannot fetch much out of the ground then choose a balanced team.

How to transact wallet money

When you open the Gamezy fantasy cricket app on the upper right corner you’ll find the  “My Wallet” icon. On clicking the icon, it will lead you to a tab which will reflect your available cash in the account. It will also give you the option to both add as well as withdraw the amount. You can also carry out the transaction of adding and withdrawing cash under the “My Account” icon. To add cash to your wallet, you’ll be required to click on the Add Cash tab in any of the options above. This will take you to the payment options page. Here various options to add money will be available. 

To withdraw your winnings, you’ll be required to click on the Withdraw Cash tab, which will take you to the cash withdrawal page. The user will be presented with certain bank details to include Bank Account Number, IFSC code, name and the specific amount to be transferred in the bank account. On entering all the required details, click on the “Withdraw Now” tab, and all the winning amount will be directly credited to your bank account without any hassle and additional hidden charges. However, based on the bank, it may take up to 48 hrs for the amount to credit.

Wrap up

So for an enthusiast game lover, fantasy cricket is the best platform to earn exciting prizes and rewards. You can play fantasy cricket online and gain knowledge about cricket and also end up winning prizes. It will entertain you and will give you a handsome amount to fulfill your small wishes. 

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