Wandering in Vienna: The Perfect Cultural Travel Guide

Vienna in Austria is a fascinating city with a vivid history. It is a cultural centre, especially for Classical and operatic music and the arts.

As the former capital of the Hungarian Empire, there are many Imperial monuments and palaces, impressive museums, cathedrals, and ornate churches. It is a city of many performances, a city of character and honor. I will, one hundred percent fly to Vienna again after we find a COVID-19 vaccine. Until then, lets’ enjoy this detailed travel guide.

If you love Architecture, History, or Art

Hofburg Palace: If you’re an architecture or history buff, the humongous Hofburg Palace will stop your heart. Not only is it right near some excellent restaurants and Viennese cafés, but it is artistic and enormous. You can explore the Imperial Apartments and the Schatzkammer – the storehouse, which holds the Habsburg dynasty’s Imperial jewels. You can also explore the Austrian National Library and its four museums and the Spanish Riding School, which is home to the legendary Lipizzan horses.

Kunsthistorisches Museum: The Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the first museums in the world, with valuable holdings including artworks from Ancient Egypt to the late 18th century. It houses many paintings by the old masters, compilations of Baroque and Renaissance art, and excellent Roman, Egyptian, and Greek artifacts.

Museum of Natural History Vienna: The Natural History Museum Vienna is one of the most prestigious natural history museums worldwide. The majestic stairways to this beautiful museum with gigantic murals are visually stunning. Four billion years of world history are covered here. You can find millions of year old fossils, metals, and even dinosaur bones here. The museum holds the teeny 25,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf and a meteorite collection of 1100 pieces.

Schönbrunn Palace: The Schönbrunn Palace is a large palace with spacious gardens following it. You can go to the garden for free. It is an excellent place to read a book, jog, or enjoy a picnic enveloped by nature.

Vienna Zoo: Vienna Zoo is located on the grounds of the legendary Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. Founded as a royal terrarium in 1752, it is the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world. Vienna zoo features hundreds of diverse birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, insects, and fishes often housed in unique themed enclosures. Don’t go back without seeing Yang Yang and Yuan Yuan, the giant pandas. Yes, Pandas.

For Music Lovers

Vienna is well-known for its musical heritage.

Wiener Staatsoper or Vienna State Opera: The Vienna State Opera House (Staatsoper) is one of Vienna’s crown jewels. This 1,709-seat Renaissance Revival venue was the first main building on the Vienna Ring Road. Its present is bustling with lavishly varied exhibitions and events. Each season, the program features 350 performances of more than 60 different operas and ballets. Every night, you can see world-class artists alongside the influential ensemble members on the stage and at the conductor’s desk, followed by a unique orchestra: the orchestra of Wiener Staatsoper.


Hogging in Vienna is an experience in itself and you’ll want to take account of all of the city’s dining options while you’re there, from the gourmet restaurants to the various würstelstands or sausage stands.

Cafes’ are not overrated in Vienna.

While many pubs throughout the Vienna serve Austrian wine, the cafés of Vienna and the coffee houses are particularly exciting places to experiment with different blends of coffee served with a mixture of strudel or tort delicacy. But the Vienna Café goes beyond the mere refreshments served, for it is an institution all its own. There is an exciting culture in Viennese cafés – many have book readings or live jazz and classical piano music. These cafes will tempt you to unwind there for hours, partly in awe and partly in peace.

Happy traveling.

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