Virgo Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th July, 2020



This week will be really important for your love life. You are advised to understand the bases of your relationship before taking it to the next level. Your desire for love will get stronger during this time. There are chances that your doubts and insecurities may not let you enjoy your relationship. Married couples may also feel some tension or dissatisfaction in their married life. The probability of you and your loved one arguing over a practical concern is high and as a result, you and your loved one may get some differences.


If you are a postgraduate student, or preparing for becoming a doctor, this week may prove to be really great for you. You may get a scholarship during this week, which may prove fruitful for your career. The mid-week may require students in school to be really cautious about their academic as they might get distracted from their goals. The ending of this week would also prove average for students in terms of concentration.


There are chances of some health complications during this week. Your energy level can drain due to high workload and hectic schedule. You should drive your vehicle carefully as the probability of injuries due to an accident is quite high during mid-week. You may become anxious during this week due to overburden. It is recommended for you to do Yoga or meditation for maintaining your calmness and composure. That would also help you stay fit and cheerful.


The initial few days of this week would bring great improvements for your finances, and you may even get new opportunities for financial gains. It is highly advisable for you not to take any undue risk during this time, as the chances of it being illusionist is high than it being based on real factors. Your mindset to get easy money can also prove troublesome for you during this time. The second half of this week may bring some unexpected monetary advantages for you. If you put in your dedication and hard work in your work during this time, your financial condition is likely to get strengthen.


There are chances of additional work assignments falling in your responsibilities, which would make you feel overburdened and tired. You are advised not to get into any conflicts with your seniors. The mid-week may bring some difficulties for your job, but later this week your hard work will start paying you off. Businessmen would have to face a tough competition during this week. Though, the situation may improve by the end of this week.

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