Types of Jewellery Bracelets in 2020


The year 2020 has seen a huge expansion in the types of bracelets available for men to wear. Initially, men had to stick to a discreet piece of jewellery made of metal. No more though! Thanks to increased visibility, men’s jewellery is now available in any number of materials and shades – you can pick whatever you want.

Oldie but a Goodie

Having unusual materials and colours available doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of them. When looking at men’s bracelets online, you are free to choose simple and discreet bracelets and jewellery if that is what you want. The good old-fashioned titanium bracelet is both good and old-fashioned for a reason, after all! Whatever you want, be it gold, silver, titanium…they are all still available. Pick what you want – you don’t need to move outside your comfort zone when it comes to jewellery.


Most men’s bracelets are still available in the traditional colours of black and silver, with some gold mixed in. There are more colours if you look hard, though. You will find precious stones, enamels, and plated metals, all making a statement of some sort on their own bracelets. What colour do you want, and how do you want it displayed? These are important considerations, especially if you work in manual labour. Not all bracelets are created equally, and you need to keep that in mind. If you want to stand out in a crowd, this is the way to do it. Choose your bracelets!


Titanium was definitely very popular in all types of men’s jewellery for a while there. Now, while titanium is still available, silver and steel seems to be taking its place. Silver is a very good choice for anybody who wants to be fashionable. It also has the advantage of remaining fairly discreet, if that is what you want. Silver bracelets can be as simple as a chain, or as complicated as you like. It all depends on where you are looking. And they can come with adorable charms if your tastes run that way.

Precious Stones

Probably the most popular precious stone for men’s jewellery are diamonds. Others are available, particularly rubies, but they come far below diamonds. Do you want a way to stand out from the normal crowd of silver bracelets? Do you want to avoid being too obvious about it? Then diamonds are the way to go. The advantage diamonds have is that they can blend in more easily with the sterling silver that is now popular. A lot of men like that in their jewellery – the ability to stand out without being too obvious about it. This is bling without the bang, if you like. You can check jeulia coupons for offers.

Religious Bracelets

One very popular style right now is silver cross bracelets. Religious cross bracelets lend themselves to the style right now. Silver crosses can look very good, and can quietly establish your faith for anyone to see. These crosses are normally built into the material of the bracelet itself, but there are exceptions. Some cross charms are available, which allows you to dress a bracelet up or down as needed. Some bracelets almost take the form of a rosary, with the cross suspended at the end of a chain. Still others use the cross as decoration, with diamonds or other metals as detailing. Anybody who wants a cross bracelet can pick what takes their fancy! 

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