How TrueDialog Streamlines Employee Communication with Text Messaging

Effective employee communication provides a solid foundation for business growth. Typically, managers require employees’ input on operations, scheduling, and customer service issues. Human resources managers must regularly contact employees about work-related issues and benefit plan signup logistics. When bad weather or security incidents occur, every employee must quickly receive the details. Fortunately, TrueDialog’s powerful SMS text messaging solution can meet every challenge.

Making Employee Communication Effortless

Despite readily available communication programs and a growing influx of mobile-friendly applications, employees are often reluctant to utilize the new technology. Whether they simply don’t want to learn a specific program or feel overburdened by their current program and app usage, their lack of enthusiasm stands in the way of optimum program reception.

To resolve the issue, businesses must find a way to communicate with employees without raising their discomfort levels. TrueDialog’s SMS text messaging platform has met that challenge for enterprise and small businesses alike by making employee communication more convenient and effortless via texting.

With TrueDialog’s texting solution, office administrators can quickly send out important notifications to all employees or utilize their segmentation capabilities to only send information to specific people. If an employee has a question about the message, they can easily respond to get clarification, which makes the entire process more efficient for everyone.

Why SMS Text Messaging Is a Standout Solution

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best choice. That’s why SMS text messaging is the ideal vehicle for internal employee communication. Most mobile phones are equipped to receive texts, and most users don’t have to worry about a learning curve. Unlike email messages, text messages won’t be routed to the oblivion of the spam folder. Also, text messages boast a 97 percent open rate, which means that employees will read them.

As an added bonus, texting is supremely cost-effective. TrueDialog’s direct carrier connections and high-volume message traffic enable the company to provide a pricing advantage that its competitors can’t match. In fact, TrueDialog’s prices are half its competitors’ rates in most cases.

TrueDialog Has Built a Powerful Communication Infrastructure

Building market-leading communication technology requires a solid foundation. To that end, TrueDialog has devoted extensive resources to building direct carrier connections instead of routing messages through a third-party aggregator.

This strategy greatly decreases potential failure points and means that TrueDialog isn’t dependent on a third party’s operational efficiency. By eliminating an extra link in the communication chain, customers benefit from a 99.9 percent uptime as well as higher security measures while enjoying impressive savings on messaging costs.

Proprietary “Cross-Code” Technology Provides Solutions for Multiple Challenges

In a business setting, using one-to-one text messages can be woefully inefficient. When a manager wants to communicate with several employees about an urgent issue, she must exchange text messages with each one separately when using a personal phone. Besides acting as a bottleneck for problem resolution, this method does not make the best use of each employee’s time.

Enter TrueDialog’s proprietary “Cross-Code” technology that enables the use of both shortcodes and long codes in a single thread. Practically speaking, a department manager can text every employee in her group about a customer service issue. After employees receive the message, they can quickly respond in a one-to-one exchange to continue the conversation.

This innovative “Cross-Code” feature was originally designed for large-scale customer support and call center operations. Businesses can use this versatile application to reach the entire company or deliver text messages to a segmented team or department. No other SMS text messaging provider offers this groundbreaking technology.

Targeted “Cross-Code” Applications

Regardless of a business’s industry or number of employees, TrueDialog’s “Cross-Code” technology enables seamless management-to-employee communication. Frustrating “phone tag” incidents are replaced by real-time message exchanges that often resolve issues in minutes.

There are a variety of examples of “Cross-Code” text message applications including:

Departmental Communication

Maintaining good departmental communication is an ongoing challenge. Employees are frequently involved in different projects, and there’s a good chance that most staffers are working remotely, and some companies operate with a globally distributed remote workforce.

Fortunately, versatile “Cross-Code” text message exchanges enable timely updates on important departmental initiatives. After a manager sends an update request to his entire department, individual members can respond with their status details. This can easily lead to a one-to-one exchange for clarification or additional instructions.

Team Projects via Text Message

A team project’s success depends on timely actions and updates from every member of the group. However, team members may be working in different locations and timezones.

To gain the information needed to move projects forward and maximize employee productivity, a manager can send a short, unobtrusive text message to request a project update. When each employee responds, the manager can switch to one-to-one text messaging mode to discuss the project details.

Text Message Employee Surveys

Getting employees’ input on emerging priorities and strategic issues is important. To that end, SMS text message surveys provide a simple and fast way for employees to express their opinions. SMS text surveys are typically very short, and the employee can quickly answer a few questions in mere minutes. This gives managers real-time feedback to different initiatives and improves collaboration.

Text Message Emergency Alerts 

Weather emergencies can seemingly develop out of nowhere. A tornado can suddenly target the business’s nearby area, triggering immediate shelter-in-place instructions for all employees. Alternatively, a developing snowstorm may mean that it’s time to notify employees to head home to avoid driving in dangerous conditions. In both cases, SMS text messaging can quickly get the message across so that employees can take immediate action.

If an unexpected security incident develops, managers must notify employees to take predetermined actions to protect themselves. With TrueDialog’s urgent alert solution, businesses can deliver real-time multichannel emergency alerts to all employees at once via SMS text message, email, voice, and social media. If an employee wants to learn more details, he can simply respond to the message and get immediate help.


Text messaging can be an effective channel for communicating with employees in a variety of ways. Having a clear line of communication with employees builds trust, loyalty, and creates a more productive and collaborative work environment.

About TrueDialog

TrueDialog serves thousands of customers who send hundreds of millions of text messages each year. TrueDialog’s Five-Star Rated SMS Texting Solution is built for big business, yet made easy for small business. With direct carrier connections, an ISO 9001 cloud-database, and 99.9% uptime, it is the perfect business texting solution for companies serious about personalized engagement at scale.

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