Travel Guide to Jamaica


Jamaica is one of the most famous and luxurious beach countries of the Caribbean, drawing millions of visitors each year. Since the leading economy of Jamaica revolves around tourism, it has made considerable investments to improve and expand its tourism infrastructure. There are facilities for exquisite dining, lavish shopping, and a variety of accommodation opportunities for people planning a vacation in Jamaica.

Hollywood film stars and even members of royal families have preferred to visit this enjoyable part of the Caribbean during relaxing holidays or have selected to call the area their new home by purchasing or renting a holiday home.

When to visit Jamaica?

There is no bad month to visit Jamaica. The rich tropical forests certainly must get some rain, but most of that rain falls in the hills further on the island, not visited by tourists. If it does rain on the part of the island where you plan your outing, you can be sure that it will only last for a couple of hours and then pass. Sometimes hurricanes do hit, but very rarely. If you are worried about storms, do not plan your trip between July and October. The winter months of the United States tend to be the liveliest tourist months as Americans try to flee the snow and cold. If you do not wish to visit Jamaica during peak season, plan your holiday during summertime.

What can you expect to see in Jamaica?

Magnificent Beaches: It is impossible to envision Jamaica without beautiful, spectacular beaches. Considered one of the most charming beach nations of the world, Jamaica can be your ultimate holiday address with its long, sumptuous coastline adorned with tranquil beaches. Some beaches in Jamaica, like Seven Miles Beach and Montego Bay, have been voted among the best beaches of the world.

Tranquil: The quiet and peaceful ambiance that blends wonderfully with the thrilling, sandy beaches and the lush weather is sure to confer you with a state of mind that’s divine and unique. The relaxing background of the calm surroundings complemented by heartstopping views of the sea will stay with you for a long time.

Happy People: The local population take comfort in the fact that Jamaica is rated one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Locals take every effort to escort you into the areas you should visit, and the things you should indulge in to make your time in Jamaica unforgettable. To supplement your holiday experience and make it your best vacation in Jamaica, you should always make it a point to socialize with the locals to know about the unique and artistic beaches and spots that would add to your holiday.

Few Places to Visit in Jamaica

Martha Brae River Rafting

Rafting on the Martha Brae, the island’s best rafting attraction is situated around three miles inland from the town of Falmouth. Martha Bae river runs on the shores of the horseshoe-shaped Martha Brae Island. Visitors’ board long rafts made of woods and are escorted by a guide who also drives the float along the river. The adventure is smooth and radiant. The guide tells the raft’s tourists about Martha Brae’s legend. During the journey, visitors are allowed to jump into the water and swim as well. After landing, visitors can shop or treat themselves to a beer.

Kayak or Swim in the luminous lagoon of Falmouth

If you have seen the movie Avatar, you must have seen glowing waters that light up when even lightly ruffled. In Jamaica, seeing something like that is entirely possible. The Martha Brae River flows into the ocean and forms this mystical wonder. As you swim, the water’s microorganisms light up, forming a neon blue light in the water. This is the most mystical swimming experience you will ever come across.

Pirate city of Port Royal

Yes, a genuine, authentic pirate city! Yes, sunken! Incredible, we know, but it’s 100% true. Port Royal was a trendy city in the 1600s. Dominated at one point in time by the Spanish, the English later captured it under Cromwell’s rule. However, the town always endured as a city of pirates. Plagued by desire and widespread acts of violence, the town created a lot of notorious fame. In the late sixteen hundreds, a dangerous earthquake hit the city. The land split open, and most of the city went underwater along with its citizens. Today, the city ruins lie up to 40 feet underwater and can be traveled by scuba diving. This is one of the most real wreck diving adventures in the world.

What to eat and drink in Jamaica?

Jamaican eateries offer delicious island fare. Jamaica is renowned for its jerk chicken whose aroma will make you ooze, and flavor will melt while you eat. Don’t forget to order a rum at cafes in Jamaica. The rum on this island is among the best in the world. Also, save room for sweets and at least one day during your holiday, opt for the local plantains. These bananas like fruits are served fried and drenched with sugar. Don’t bring your diet to a Jamaican Cafe.

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