Top Places to Explore in Morocco

Morocco, a North African country covered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, is characterized by its Arabian, Berber and European cultural influences. One of the most common remarks about Morocco is that the inhabitants are particularly kind. This is true! Generosity is the nation’s fabric and you will find it everywhere, from the most impoverished villages to the richest enclaves. 

Lets’ explore things to do here.

What to eat in Morocco?

The food is delicious in Morocco, mostly Berber and Arab fare with love from France, and the variety is dazzling! The famous Moroccan dish is called Tagine and comes in almost endless variation: lamb with prunes, almonds, and chicken, goat, vegetables, and fish. The “fast” food in Morocco for dinner or lunch is a tagine, and tagine shops are omnipresent, waiting for you. A tagine is also conical-shaped pottery in which the meal is prepared.

Here are the places to visit in Morocco.


Marrakesh is a beautiful cultural center where the Andalusian and Islamic civilizations blend. This is why you can find unique architectural elements and layouts, a large number of famous authors, and a glittering city that welcomes thousands of tourists every year who travel to Morocco. 

Places to explore in Marrakesh:

  1. Medina Souk: Medina Souk is the primary market of Marrakesh. Settled in the old district, full of shrines and historical sites, the Medina Souk is described by its unusual mixture of colors, narrow lanes, and the spectacular smells of fragrances and various herbs.
  2. Almoravids Dome: Almoravids Dome is the most antique surviving monument in Marrakesh. This striking dome was built in the 12th century during the reign of Ali ibn Yusuf. The Almoravids Dome is generally included in all travel packages in Morocco.
  3. Majorelle Garden: A happy place to explore in Marrakesh is the Majorelle Garden. This is where you find fertile soil with many plants and trees, including cactus and plants. This green bed goes back to the core of the 20th century when the renowned French painter, Jack Majorelle, traveled to Morocco for health reasons. Majorelle started drawing many several paintings to reflect the life in Marrakesh. This is why tourists who tour Morocco visit the garden to savor the beautiful landscape combined with the French taste of art and how they observed Morocco’s architecture and life.


Casablanca developed from a modest fishing port at the beginning of the 20th century to become the country’s commercial and economic center. This is in addition to the large number of travelers who tour Morocco and visit Casa every year. 

Places to explore in Casablanca:

  1. The Mosque of Hassan II: Since its construction in 1987, the Mosque of Hassan II became a well-known landmark of Casablanca. The mosque is the largest in Africa, and one of the most prominent religious establishments all over the world. 
  2. Safi: Safi is an essential port of the city. You will be able to see some destroyed and other sound parts of a fort that was once at the place that encompassed the city. The Portuguese built this. The fortress was known as Dar el Bahar Fortress. It happens to be one of the most prominent and distinctive features of the city.
  3. Monica beach: Monica Beach is situated on the edges of Casablanca. A vast range of whitish golden sand, the bank here is well known for surfing. It is a complex location because there are quite a few rocks scattered around the shoreline, but it is beautiful at high tide. More certain surfers enjoy the difficulty of surfing here, and you will see plenty of locals doing it, but this is not a spot for beginners.
  4. The El Jadida beach: The magnificent beach of Morocco is settled just 100km south of Casablanca is filled with delightful spaces for sunbathing. It is unmissable. 

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