Top 5 Best Animated Movies On Netflix To Watch


Since Netflix is one of the biggest repositories of Movies and Tv-shows to stream on-demand. From family friendly films to a great collection of animated movies and tv series.

Netflix provides you with the content of every genre in just one click. And Animation is just another genre that covers a broad category of great entertainments. Some for kids, some for adults and some are for both which everyone can enjoy. 

Animated films are fun to watch and they attract the audience much easier. They give you a full experience of the fantasy world, science-fiction battles and often some impossible events.

After doing some sort of research I have rounded up some best Animated movies on Netflix and listed them down in this post. If you are reading this article but have no Netflix subscription, You can get some netflix accounts to save your hard earned bucks. So you don’t need to look for them everywhere digging deep on the internet. Now, without taking any more time let’s start with the list of best Animated Movies on Netflix.

List of 5 Best Movies on Netflix right now

With having a wide range of animated movies in mind, I have compiled the list of 5 best movies on Netflix right now.

These animated movies include Oscar-nominated animations, Disney features, some classics and contemporary movies alike, all of them are great animated style movies.

5. Gnome Alone

From the director of Nut Job comes another great  Netflix-Original animated film, Gnome Alone.  Released in 2017, the movie is based on a war waged between the grizzly Gnomes, the protectors of earth and the hungry Troggs who consume everything that comes in their sight.

The story is about a pre-teen girl named Chloe who finds her new house filled with garden Gnomes who were not what they seem. Which then comes to life to fight against Troggs with help of Chloe. 

4. Bolt (2008)

Bolt is another great animated movie full of adventure, loyalty and humour. The story is about the Dog named Bolt who is really very sweet. And his relationship with her owner Penny is so real and special.

Spending his life working on a TV show with Penny. The show was about a dog with super K9 abilities. Bolt always thought that he has got those superpowers for real.

He never thought about the reality until the situation where he got shipped cross country and then had to find a way to home by himself with having no superpowers actually.

 3. The Adventures of Tintin

Adventures of Tintin is a 3D Animated Action-adventure film based on classic French-European comic book series The Adventures of Tintin.

While searching an outdoor market with his dog Snowy, Tintin buys an old model ship called a Unicorn. Later a  character Sakharine and Barnaby try to buy that ship from him, but he refuses. 

Later Tintin finds a clue inside the ship to a hidden treasure. He then tries to locate that treasure. 

The film is known for its motion-capture effects, Vfx and embracing the style from the comic character. In the end, you’ll find it an amazing movie full of adventures.

2. Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

Its an animated superhero film featuring spider man from Marvel comics. Its sequel will be released on 7 October 2022. And it is in the development phase right now.

The story of the film is about a teenager Miles who develops mysterious powers that make him Spider-Man. He then meets Parker and soon realizes that there are many others like him which came from the multiverse. They all band together to stop the cause of irreparable damage to the universe.

1. Klaus (2019)

From the writer/director Sergio Pablos of Despicable Me, Smallfoot. This is another movie that introduces the origins of Santa Claus using 2D hand-drawn animation.

When Jesper distinguishes himself as the postal academy’s worst student, he is then posted to a frozen town in the North where he discovers Santa Claus is hiding out.

The movie delves into the myth of Santa Claus with such original storytelling that will warm your hearts and bring tears of happiness.

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