Tips and Suggestions for Top TV Placement Challenges

Finding the right place for TV installation is quite an intimidating task. With different living room design and aesthetics, this is a big challenge in itself. Several design elements in a room need extra consideration. 

So, if you want to easily get to the right place for TV placement without compromising on your room arrangement and style, have a look at the expert suggestions outlined below. 

1. Correct Height for Comfortable TV Viewing: 

Watching television should be an enjoyable experience and not pain-inducing. Therefore, you must get a functional place for a TV setup. For the most comfortable viewing experience, your TV should match the eye level while being seated. Ideally, this height is around 42 inches from the TV center to the floor. 

If your room doesn’t allow achieving this height, go for TV mounts to improve your safe viewing requirements. 

2. The Right Place to Hang a TV in a Living Room with Open Concept Floor Plan:

Open floor plans have expansive space. As such, multiple options can leave you puzzled over what to choose. But how can you exactly know which is the right place to install a TV. To find out the one, let’s look at these key aspects: 

Consider sightlines to other rooms from your main room. Determine how you want to use your space. If you want your TV to be visible from other rooms then opt for a full-motion mount. It will help you tilt and move your TV left, right. 

Next, consider traffic patterns. The space between your tvand sofashould not be vulnerable to high traffic.

3. The Right Place to Hang a TV in a Traditional or Small Living Room: 

In traditional or small living rooms you have defined areas. Therefore, it is unlikely that you’ll be viewing TV from other areas of your house. For TV installation you will have a dedicated space. But make sure your TV doesn’t get glare from any of the indoor or outdoor light source. In smaller living rooms it is better to opt for media furniture for TV installation. You can easily get aTV unit design as per your room size and style. 

Nevertheless, if your home is old and wasn’t designed to accommodate TV, then use built-in wooden cabinets, bookcases, or an office table storage cabinet. This might sound crazy but will add a charm to your old space. Furthermore, if you have limited wall space, consider using a wall corner for mounting the TV. 

4. The Right Place to Hang a TV in a Room with Lots of Windows:

A living room with too many windows can make TV placement a headache. You need to struggle with finding sufficient space as well as the wall space with minimum or no glare. However, the best way to deal with the situation is to use window treatments for eliminating the glare. 

I hope these suggestions help you find answers to your common TV placement challenges.

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