Things To Know About Windows 7 Activation Methods

In the matter of activating Windows on your system, there are various methods that are available. But one of the most common and crucial elements for this is the product key. Usually, you would find this in the CD box containing the original installation CD that you purchased from a reputable shop. If not, there are various ways to install it through the internet, but those require specific steps.

In order to download Windows 7 product key free from the internet, visit the official website for that. Press the download button, install the saved file within your system with two clicks, and assess the following steps carefully.

Another way to have Windows 7 is to directly buy a computer where Windows 7 is pre-installed. In case you have Windows 10, Windows 8.5, or any other model, you can downgrade to Windows 7. Also, you can get a Windows 7 system which was already used by another user, and not have to activate the product key again.

While these factors will work if you want to get a ready-to-use Windows 7, they are not helpful if it is your current PC that needs the update.

Therefore, activating Windows 7 on your system is important, and there are some ways to do so.

With A Windows Product Key

Notably, the most common way for Windows activation is through using your 25-digit serial key. As mentioned earlier, you would either get it with the installation CD or download it online. As for the activation process, the steps are simple to navigate.

  • Open the ‘Start’ option on your Homescreen.
  • Go to Computer> Properties> Activate Windows Now.


Go to ‘Control Panel’ and activate Windows through that.

  • In the dialog box that appears, enter the product key correctly and press the option ‘Next’. If you have good network stability, this process would not take long. If not, there are other methods to activate it using a modem connection or your phone operator.

In case your product key is an old one and has already gotten used, you would receive a new number after a few tries.

Without a Windows Product Key

While the Windows 7 product key is important for activation, there is a way to bypass that. Certainly, there are two methods for this and they are as given below.

  1. With CMD

Another way to make your Windows 7 work correctly is to use the CMD or Command Prompt. This is useful if your current product key or the installed Windows 7 is not responding and showing Error.

  • You can directly search for the CMD option in your system search bar.


Press the Windows key + R button and enter the cmd.exe command.

  • Run it as your system administrator.
  • When the CMD dialog box opens, put in the command ‘slmgr –rearm’. After that, hit enter to activate.
  • It would work on its own and after some wait, you would receive the prompt to restart your computer. Follow the command.
  • After your system reboots, enter the command ‘slmgr –ato’ and restart again.

If successful, a dialog box stating so would appear when your system starts up.

  • SLUI File Removal

Indeed, deleting the SLUI in your system would help you activate Windows 7 properly. The steps for that are mentioned hereafter.

  • Open your ‘This PC’ folder containing the different drives and select on the C:// drive. Generally, the Windows 7 file stays in this folder; yet, if it is not present there, open the drive where it is.
  • After opening the Windows 7 file, search for the folder with the name ‘System-32’. Thereafter, double-click on it.
  • Go to the File Manager and look for the file named SLUI. It is imperative that you delete the original Windows 7 key that it contains. Consequently, right-click on this file and then a list would appear. Select the ‘Properties’ option from it.
  • After this step is complete, you should open a new window and then open ‘Security’. Out of the options that appear, you need to click on ‘Users’.
  • When you click on the ‘Advanced’ options, a new window would open up. You should select the option that is showing the security settings.
  • When the ‘Owner’ tab appears, select so and put it as the user. Press the ‘Apply’ choice that comes up simultaneously.
  • Return to the SLUI file folder, right-click on top of it, and then select ‘Properties’.
  • From the ‘Security’ tab, select on ‘Users’ and then press the edit button. Thereafter, the edit permission regarding the current user or the system owner would appear. You should make your changes according to your preference.
  • Select the username and give them the ‘Full Control’ permission. Tick the box that appears beside it to give your confirmation.
  • After doing so, click the ‘Okay’ option, and then switch off all the tabs except the ‘System-32’ folder.
  • From there, delete the SLUI folder permanently.

All in all, using the product key is the common methodology of activating Windows 7. However, that is not the only way to do so, in case you do not have a valid product key. If you do not have a system where Windows 7 is already present, these factors would help you.

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