Things to do in Lincoln City, Oregon

Located on the central coast of Oregon, Lincoln City is one of my favorites. Lets’ explore this beautiful town.

How did Lincoln City get its’ name?

Lincoln City was incorporated in 1965, combining the cities of Delake, Taft and Oceanlake. The name “Lincoln City” was chosen from contest entries presented by local school children. (That’s why I love America)

Things to do in Lincoln City

1. Kite Flying

Lincoln City is settled at the 45th parallel. What this means is you get constant winds pretty much year-round. This makes Lincoln City the “Kite Capital of America.” 

If you look up in Lincoln City, you can find enormous, vivid squid swimming through the skies, whales penetrating the clouds, and fast Rokkaku kites gliding through the air in circles.

There are 2 kite festivals every year in Lincoln City – the main one in October and another in June. The beaches are picturesque and allow plenty of space for kite flying! It’s time to become a child again. 

2. Watch the Glass Blow!

The Alderhouse Glassblowing Studio is well worth your time. Alder House offers travelers a freakish front-row glassblowing adventure — not behind glass or wall but right in its heat.

You will see the real thing like you would in Venice and other well-known glass venues around the world. You will have the steps explained in detail and be granted the chance to question the artist all the doubts you have about the science, and craft, of glassblowing.

They also have an extensive range of elegantly finished work at reasonable prices. There is no admission fee to visit the Alder House, so stop by and say “Hello”… you will be happy you did.

3. Traveling the Mighty D River.

Haha. I got you. The D River is not all that large and mighty. It is billed the shortest river in the world, traveling 120 feet from Devils Lake to the Pacific Ocean. There is an Oregon State Park wayside with plenty of parking and access to several miles of sandy beach. With Lincoln City mere minutes away, you can slip peacefully on the lake in a kayak or Canoe. You can even explore wildlife. Ducks, cormorants, grebes, loons, bald eagles, and herons all call the lake home. You may also see raccoon bandits, elk or, spot deer on the shores. Being the only Oregon coast campground located amid a city, the lake is a center of summertime activity. You can enjoy magnificent views of the ocean and excellent seafood. Devil’s lake got its’ name from a Native American legend. According to the story, a giant octopus, giant fish, or other sizeable marine creature would surface – much to the dismay of the indigenous tribes. Hence the name, DEVIL. 

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