The importance of Household Staff: Lessons from the Coronavirus

When the coronavirus hit the world, many families with household staff had to let them go back to their own home, for the lockdown period. In many cases, it resulted in some of the wealthiest people on earth being completely disoriented in their own house, having to take care of housekeeping by themselves for the first time; a proof of the importance of household staff today.

Housekeeping Lessons to the Wealthy

As a large part of the world had to suddenly go through a confinement period, some of the wealthiest individuals found themselves at a loss, in their villas and manors. So much that some of them decided to take online housekeeping classes just to survive without having their butlers and nannies around. That’s what a school, based in London, UK, for housekeepers, butlers and chefs who train to work for wealthy professionals, royals and celebrities, has revealed.

Not having their household staff to ensure that the house is kept up and ran as it should be, some of the richest men and women on earth decided to spend their lockdown time wisely, by learning how to maintain their house and estate in some kind of order while they waited for the coronavirus sanitary crisis to end. They had to learn things like changing the bed sheets, ironing and the basic training on how to keep a house clean. Here is a link for those looking for a household staffing agency to find staff or workers searching for employment, after the pandemic.

A Difficult Task

Some may wonder: How can fully grown adults not be able to change their own bed, to iron their clothes and take care of their properties? The truth is, when you have an estate that needs up to 10 household staff to maintain it, there is simply no way you can know how to handle all the tasks that are needed to be done regularly inside the house and around the property. Such a large domain can rapidly deteriorate if not taken care of, at least for the elemental jobs needed to be taken care of, daily or weekly.

There are also the professionals who have a nanny (sometimes even two) for each of their kids, and who suddenly found themselves having to balance their work life with family issues. It is difficult for parents who are used to taking care of their kids, on a daily basis, to cope with the charge of being a teacher as well during the lockdown. Imagine what it can be like for someone who has never done it before. Add to this, cooking and cleaning and they rapidly became overwhelmed. Lessons they will probably never forget!

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