Some Common and Rare Acid Reflux Symptoms


There are different symptoms associated with the condition that is commonly known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.
The primary acid reflux sign is heartburn. What is heartburn? It is a burning feeling that begins in the stomach and expands into the chest and throat. Heartburn occurs when you are sleeping or resting on your back after eating a heavy meal. Heartburn can also imitate a heart attack. When a person has a nasty heartburn case, it is hard to interpret whether a person is really having a heart attack or is just experiencing heartburn. It is better to visit a doctor just to be sure.

Another typical acid reflux symptom is regurgitation. It is a sensation that you have when acid backs up into your throat. In some conditions, acid can regurgitate up into the mouth. It is called a “wet burp.” In severe cases, acid regurgitation can provoke vomiting.
People who often have acid reflux symptoms at night usually experience more harsh symptoms than those who suffer from acid reflux during the day. However, most people encounter acid reflux symptoms during the night. When you continuously experience such symptoms, it can mean that you have a torn esophagus. Therefore, it would be a great idea to consult your doctor about this problem. Having painful heartburn does not inevitably mean that you have a damaged esophagus. However, it is still more useful to get the symptom checked out.

Other acid reflux symptoms are less common. One sign is chest pain or chest sensations. One may feel that food is confined somewhere behind the breastbone.

Other less common acid reflux signs are throat soreness, hoarseness, dry cough, or the sense that there is always a lump in your throat, resulting in you having to clear your throat. In rare cases, a person may have trouble swallowing their food, which, as a result, would cause severe chest pain. It can feel as if the food is held in the esophagus. Other acid reflux indications involve the chronic sore throat and constant hiccups.

Some people have acid reflux symptoms such as coughing and wheezing. A person who undergoes constant nausea for weeks at a time and is not connected with an unusual cause of stomach upset may be suffering from acid reflux symptoms. Vomiting may be a regular occurrence. However, before deciding that the cause of such symptoms is acid reflux disease, other causes of chronic illness and vomiting must first be ruled out.

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