Self Defence Jewelry in New York Fashion Week 2020 By Bhavyaa Prasad

Bhavyaa's Designs at NYFW 2020

Bhavyaa Prasad is a designer and fashion producer/stylist. She designed a multifaceted collection of body armor and jewelry made out of reclaimed metal that can double up as self-defence weapons. She recently debuted with this collection at New York Fashion Week in February 2020.

She designs jewelry using CAD softwares such as ‘Rhino’ and ‘key shot’ and then 3D prints the prototypes to test sizing and dimensions on the body. Once that is finalized, it is 3D printed again in resin and then cast into reclaimed metal instead of the usual mined metal to ensure sustainability.

Bhavyaa shared her love for jewelry with us and said “Jewelry is passed on from mother to daughter, it is a right of passage, a form of inheritance for many. Traditionally, jewelry was also called ‘stri dhan’ which translates into woman’s wealth. In Indian culture, historically when women could not own property or wealth, it gave them a sense of financial security. Similarly, I wanted my jewelry to help women regenerate a sense of agency, to reclaim our independence. Previously, I had designed and fabricated a free size cocktail ring that can double up as self weapon, for women such as myself so that we feel safer in the parking lot or just after a night out with our friends. The design is inspired from my personal experience of keeping a sharp pencil or a compass from my geometry box in middle school to stab away any men who tried to touch me inappropriately on my way back from school in the Delhi Metro. Later, I expanded the idea and turned it into a whole collection. The shapes for my jewelry are inspired by the architecture of my maternal grandmother’s ancestral home in Allahabad. Growing up I always had all these incredible women in my family to learn from and to look up to as role models. It was like a fortress or a sanctuary that protected as a child and prepared me for the world as a young adult.”

Bhavya was raised in New Delhi, where she did her schooling at Modern School, Barakhamba Road before moving to New York for further studies at the Parsons School of Design. She graduated from there with her BFA in Fashion Design, specializing in Fashion Products in May 2019.

Young entrepreneurs and designers have so much to learn from, be it their creativity or their zest to ace everything they do. She is truly an inspiration for all the young designers in the world waiting to showcase their talent, especially the women. Bhavyaa’s journey is an example of passion meeting perseverance, which allows a career to begin at the coveted New York Fashion Week and then takes an individual even higher.

Her work can be viewed on her Instagram Profile and she can be contacted on email for collaborations at

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