Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th July, 2020

Love and Relationships

You might be unable to spend enough time with your loved one. Such a busy schedule may raise some conflicts between you and your partner. However, you must try each other’s needs and control your temper. Failed expectations often lead to a breakup in a relationship. However, you must keep calm and remind the priorities to each other. You may expect support from your family. Nonetheless, you may cut off some non-trustworthy contacts. However, you must deal patiently with them.


As an undergraduate student, your efforts for getting better results in your examinations will be paid off. Being a student of higher studies, you must stay motivated to continue studying with better concentration. Research scholars must stay focused on their research papers. Great results will be achieved only if you research thoroughly and focused. Time management will help you deal with the deadlines. If you have been trying to get admission in the desired field, then you may expect to hear better results.


This week, you might concern yourself with your health. Thus, you must pay serious attention to your health. In the near future, you might have to face health issues related to your liver and stomach. Thus, you must avoid any kind of oily or fatty foods. Make sure you take your medications regularly. Your heart condition may get weak. Thus, you must initiate a healthy routine. Mood swings or lack of energy might be observed, provided that you have hypertension. You must spend time in a safe and less polluted environment.


This week, on one hand, it seems that you may not expect high income. On the other hand, it seems that your travel expenses may rise. If you are a business person, then you may expect some possibilities for work trips. These trips will be quite important for making potential connections. These connections will create a positive impact in the near future. However, you must be careful in the matter of trusting any such connections.


Your efforts in your career or business, will deliver positive results this week. Such results will keep you encouraged to make progress. You will be respected as an employee for your efforts. It would be prudent, however, to have patience with the desired financial benefits. You must be careful about your financial planning to prevent any kind of pressure in the future. Such careful planning will help to manage your finances. You may be trying to expand your company. Such an expansion would require new and reliable ideas. If your career is in an artistic or writing field, you may expect to be in high spirits.

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