ROLEX Submariner: A Super-Awesome Divers’ Watch

Rolex needs no introduction as it is one of the well-known luxury watchmakers and has a tradition in making and then achieving goals. The company relies on in-home production for an extreme level of quality and optimal precision. Rolex introduced many high-class collections and many award-winning timepieces. It had also been used as an official timekeeper in the Olympics and many of its timepieces were seen on the wrist of high profile personalities including members of the royal family, celebrities, and businessmen.

One of its famous wristwatches is the Rolex Submariner launched in 1953, it was the first-ever watch that features a waterproofness level of up to 100 meters. Rolex introduced the world that what it is meant to be a divers’ watch. Submariner changes the way of other manufacture to see a divers watch made it possible to reach the level to an upper edge and hence because of it today’s watches for diving are what it meant to be.

Making specifically for diving purpose doesn’t mean that you can’t wear if you are getting ready for a business meeting, that’s the specialty of Rolex Submariner that it suits all dress codes, in addition to enormous features, it provides more elegant look than ever and always shine on its owner’s wrist.


  • Robust Case

While maintaining the brand’s standards, this timepiece has to be robust enough to withstand extreme water pressure maintaining an elegant look. Reliability, Robustness, and Functionality that’s what a Submariner provides. Oyster’s case is used in submarines which provide waterproofness level of up to 1,000 feet and are fully shockproof.

The case protects the internal mechanism from dust. The Triplelock mechanisms ensure the protection of the overall mechanism and ensure the rate of reliability that meets the standards of ROLEX.

  • Unidirectional Rotatable Bezel

The key feature of this wristwatch is the unidirectional bezel with indexes on it. It is covered with enhanced luminescent material for improved legibility and capsule on the zero points is filled with luminescent. 60 minutes indexes finely engraved on the bezel and for enhanced grip, the edges of the wristwatches are manufactured using cutting edge technology.

It helps the diver to navigate and observe the timing. The overall mechanism is finely tuned and passed through multiple real-life tests before launching. The cerachrom bezel made from ceramic material provides an extreme level of scratch proofing. 

It doesn’t depend on how you use it, or what is the condition of water, its color remains whether the water is chlorinated and also resistive to ultraviolet rays.

  • Rolex Glidelock Extension System

These locking systems help the bracelet to be changed in size easily. You don’t have to use any extra tool to unlock it, just use it to finely adjust the bracelet until it feels comfortable on your wrist or you are taking it off smoothly. There is a clasp (OysterLock) that helps the timepiece to get an accidental opening. Accidental opening of the bracelet might be dangerous for the overall watch, as these watches are designed to withstand intense lifestyle so, it has an oyster lock clasp to prevent this situation from happening.

  • Optimal Precision Based Calibers

Submariner is powered by an in-house caliber for optimal precision. Two robust calibers 3130 and 3135 (for dated version) are seen in these watches. These are both known to be the best automatic calibers ever existed in this range. Rolex always make high-quality timepieces, to ensure this factoring company relies on in-house manufacturing of watch tools. The making of 3130 and 3135 requires master craftsman skills on the part of watchmakers and engineers. 

This single piece consists of hundreds of individuals parts finetuned in a single living organism. Precision, robustness, and reliability that’s what it represents.  Blue para chrome spring is ten times more power full than the traditional one used in its manufacturing.  It remains robust even at different temperature levels.

Followed by the tagline of Rolex that each Rolex timepiece represents a unique story. Submariner also is a historical timepiece that was originally designed for underwater exploration but due to its optimal quality it was being used on the ground and became an all-rounder watch.

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