Reasons to Buy a Portofino

IWC is a well-known luxury watchmaker, needs no introduction as it has been making high-quality robust timepieces based on fascinating designs for years. The IWC collection contains all types of watches award-winning timepieces, official timekeepers, and functional watches. IWC Portofino is considered to be the pinnacle of the brand as it features everything a user wants. 

If you are finding a minimalistic and sophisticated timepiece to suit an active lifestyle, then IWC Portofino is an ideal choice. It is where elegance reinvented in an innovative manner. This range contains many decent designs powered by IWC in-home movements with a touch of rich heritage.

Sophisticated Look 

The timeless elegant timepiece is just a work of art. In the 1970s, a unique pocket watch named Lepine was launched which is still the inspiration for many of IWC modern detect timepieces. And in the 1980s, the world was introduced to Portofino by IWC, it is when elegance reinvented and timepiece with the more sophisticated design was seen in addition to its functionality. Since then, Portofino became famous in no time and still is recognizable across the globe.

It is considered to be the best dress watch which overall enhances your three-piece outfit with a touch of decency and reflects your sense of buying.

The Polished gold and silver case maintained an upgrading linear line in the minimalism of this design. Female versions of this timepiece were also launched with a more slim design and also with engraved diamonds on the bezels overall look magnificent on the wrist.

Provides High level of Accuracy 

In addition to its minimalistic look, it is beat many high-class watches on the part of precision as it is powered by high-end IWC original in-home calibers which in facts ensures optimal accuracy rate. These are more durable and accurate than any of the movements before seen in this range.

  • Both for Men and Women

This is a type of timepiece range, both men and women are interested in it because of its design. Both versions were launched by the brand. As discussed earlier, a women version of the timepiece was also launched in this range featuring diamonds on the bezels ring overall provide a rich look. The Portfolio 37-mm Automatic is basically boosted towards the female section. It comes with original Santoni Leather Strap. If you are planning to buy it, you must have at least 15,000 USD in your pocket, that’s a big amount you can’t keep in the pocket but you can have it in your bank account.

  • Versions With Complications

Portofino is also seen acquiring many complications, and many of these versions were launched since then 1984. Portofino moon-phase 8-day timepiece is one of the best IWC timepieces features long-lasting 8-day power reserve featuring a complicated moon phase embedded finely within the dial. It is available in both stainless steel case and also exclusively in Rose Gold.

A Retrograde version of Portofino was also seen featuring a rare function “Tourbillon”. The timepieces featuring tourbillon require master watchmaking skills and a higher level of artistry in making wristwatches, Thanks to IWC which made it possible to feature a slim timepiece with a tourbillon like complicated feature in a minimalistic case powered by in-house manufactured hand-wound movement.

Romana Perpetual Calendar complication was also seen in this range which is considered to be one the rarest feature in the list of luxury watches.

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