Pisces Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th July, 2020


You need to be very careful this week in terms of relations and should not get involved in any dispute or difference of opinion with your family. Any issues occurring in your relationship in the mid-week should be dealt with patience. There will be a good connection between you and your parents this week. Your friends will be supportive, but you should not expect any support from your maternal or paternal sides of the family. Your love life will be average this week. You will get a very cold response from your partner at the end of the week.


This week students will be good in their performance and concentration on their studies but still, keep an eye on their company as it may cause distraction. Too much partying will disturb your preplanned study schedule. Students pursuing higher degrees can expect great result this week. Those seeking admission in any foreign institute may find themselves fully prepared and equipped with positive outcomes. Students preparing for competitive exams can expect a high score.


Your health this week will require great attention, especially if you already have an issue related to joint pain. You should be very careful while exercising and consuming any medications. Food hygiene should be taken into consideration when eating out to avoid the development of any infection. Your left eye may cause you some trouble, and you must consult a specialist immediately. Make sure to keep your blood pressure in check at regular intervals.


You will enjoy financial inflow this week but will also have to learn to create a balance between income and expenditures. You may enjoy some extravagant parties and spend money on them. Huge expense is also likely to happen in purchasing a luxurious or beautiful stone article for home or office décor. You may also spend some money to buy jewellery and beauty products for your beloved ones this week. The last days of the week will be sensitive for financial transactions to friends or colleagues. Lending money to anyone during the weekend, most likely will not come back to you.


A very productive week in terms of career and business. You will get full support from your colleagues and seniors at the job. People in business may find themselves to be in a better position this week. New opportunities to expand business will come their way. Discussion about a business prospect will take place. People in the creative field will find themselves in a high position. It will also be a great week for teachers and architects. If you are involved in a real estate business, do not expect any good deals or profit this week.

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