Online Alternatives That Anyone Can Use To Convert PPT Files To PDF

These days, a lot of individuals are resorting to seeking out online and digital copies of documents, books, and even more. A huge chunk of learners has been going with e-book alternatives because it allows them to learn the same way they would through actual books. People do not even have to spend a particular amount of money to pay for any required books or references.

Anyone can download or save a reading material on their smartphones and other devices. This habit is already a common practice among educators and even corporate professionals. It is no secret that PDF files are among the most used formats, along with PowerPoint and other Word documents.

It is also no secret that PDF is one of the easier formats to use when presenting anything. With this fact, converting Powerpoint files into PDF files is a relatively easy process. Below, we will be naming some of the best online alternatives in converting ppt to pdf files.

PDF Bear

PDF Bear is a web-based PDF editor that allows anyone to convert any ppt file into a PDF form. The editing and conversion tools in PDF Bear are fairly easy to use as the website provides a guide on converting your ppt files. With the fact that the webpage provides a detailed guide, it should be relatively easy to edit or convert any ppt files into a pdf.

All any user has to do is select any Powerpoint file that they will need for conversion. Users will see that they can edit or change almost anything they need or want in any document. Shortly after, click on the download icon to save the converted ppt to pdf file on your device.

PDF Bear is completely free of charge; however, the website does offer a premium subscription of 70 USD per day. If you opt for the monthly premium, it will cost you about $14.99 every month. Premium subscriptions do entitle anyone additional features to this online PDF editor.


PDF2Go works like any typical PDF Editor/Converter website. However, the handiest feature of PDF2Go is that it allows users to import their files from their Dropboxes. PDF2Go users can also even import files from their Google Drives.

PDF2Go is also completely free of charge while assuring users the security they need in using these online tools. You and your files will feel secure while using PDF2Go as it is one of the top-rated PDF Converter websites.


The Smallpdf websites work almost the same as our aforementioned PDF editors and converters. Any user will have the capability to import their ppt files and convert them into pdf files. Of course, we already mentioned the pros of converting ppt to pdf documents. So, it also helps that the same process is fairly easy to do in SmallPDF.

Users will also have the ability to edit their documents. After all, it is a PDF editor and converter. The best thing about SmallPDF is versatility. Users will be able to convert from ppt to pdf and pdf to any other kind of file format.

Smallpdf is free to use, and it does offer a premium subscription. Do note that access to the editing and conversion tools are available with the free subscription. However, a paid subscription provides many different premiums, such as availability on other mobile or device platforms.


SodaPDF works relatively the same as the PDF editors we previously mentioned in this article. Users will also be able to import any files from their respective Dropboxes and Google Drives. In that case, it indeed has its similarities with PDF editors like PDF2Go.

The best feature of SodaPDF is that it simplified the editing and conversion process. All users need to do is drag and drop the files in the space on the website.

SodaPDF is also available on desktop platforms. With this fact, users will be able to edit or convert even if they are offline.


When picking the best online alternative for PDF editors and converters, you should always take note of the tools you need. Filter through the different websites we mentioned and see for yourself which PDF editor and converter makes your editing and conversion job easier. Regardless, use these online PDF editors and converter alternatives to edit and convert any pdf file.

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