New poll reveals Trump 15 pts behind Biden

president Biden and ex President Trump.

A new poll has revealed that US President Donald Trump was 15 points behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the run-up to November’s election, it was reported.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday which revealed a close margin, 54 per cent for Biden and 44 per cent for Trump, was the fifth consecutive high-quality national poll that showed the former Vice President ahead of Trump by 10 points or more, reports Politico news.

Of the nine such polls conducted since the second half of June, Biden has led Trump by double digits in seven of them.

Prior to the release of the ABC News/Washington Post poll on Sunday, Biden held a 9-point lead in the RealClearPolitics average.

Meanwhile, a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, 45 per cent of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Biden, and 43 per cent viewed him unfavorably.

That was up slightly from 42 per cent favorable, 46 per cent unfavorable in June.

Similarly, 44 per cent of voters surveyed by an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll last week said they had a positive opinion of Biden, while 46 per cent viewed him negatively.

Meanwhile, Trump’s favourable ratings are in the tank, the Politico news report said.

Majorities in the Quinnipiac (61 per cent unfavourable) and NBC/WSJ (54 per cent negative) polls gave the President poor image ratings.

Meanwhile, Trump’s re-election campaign has disputed the results of public polling, arguing that the President runs stronger against a “defined” Biden in their internal tests.

But the Trump campaign’s efforts to define Biden with a bombardment of negative advertising, especially in the battleground states, has yet to dent the former Vice President, the Politico report added.

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